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  1. MK Muppet

    Sesame Street Canceled Figures Interview

    Count me in! I would love to see the SS Oscar come to light.
  2. MK Muppet

    Wanted: Empty Palisades Muppet Boxes

    Before you lynch the newbie hear me out. ;-) When I first started, I was collecting more for displaying loose than future value. I tossed some of the empty boxes and am now kicking myself over it. I am still displaying the loose figures, but wanted to have the original boxes to complete my...
  3. MK Muppet

    Sesame Street Canceled Figures Interview

    Thanks Ken for the link. Very insightful and I can understand where you are coming from. Not getting the wonderful Oscar was tough, but am very happy with what we did get.
  4. MK Muppet

    The Muppet Show 25 years - Figure Stands Question

    I was wondering if there was a quick online resource which tells me which stands goes with what figures from Series 1 and 2? I pieced my collection thought many eBay loose figure sales, so I am not sure if I have all the correct stands. Kermit and Piggy have pegs closer together, but aside from...
  5. MK Muppet

    New Members: Please Post and Introduce Yourself

    First time post, long time fan. Been collecting the Palisadses Muppet line since series 9 was new on the shelves. Fortunately, I was able to pick up the backstage playset, pops, sweetums without too much hassle. I had to work backwards and have a nice collection.