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  1. Sprocket77

    Sesame '69

    After messing around with some photos, I made this today. :)
  2. Sprocket77

    Looking for 1 Rue Sesame episodes

    Hi there, if anyone has any 1 Rue Sesame episodes, could they please upload it to YouTube? I have a fascination for international Sesame Street, and I'd love to see an episode of 1 Rue Sesame. All I've really got is the opening intro, so could someone try and help me find an episode? :)
  3. Sprocket77

    Wanted: Count von Count and Anything Muppet puppets

    Hi-ho everybody. You know, I am a fan of vintage Sesame Street items. And the toy puppets are an example of what I want. The extremely rare "plastic head" Count von Count puppet and the Anything Muppet puppet are what I want most. Reasons I want them? Well...the Count von Count puppet is...
  4. Sprocket77

    Muppet Eyes: What are they made of?

    I've been wonderin' for a long time...what are Muppet eyes made of? I already know what Kermit the Frog's eyes are made of. We practically all know what his eyes are made of! But what are some notable Muppet eyes made of? Ernie's eyes and Bert's eyes are some pairs of eyes. I'd like to know...
  5. Sprocket77

    Big Bird and His Cousins

    I'm not sure if finnicing around with photos is fan art, but here's a picture I made today:
  6. Sprocket77

    Question about Kermit's head

    Is the inside of Kermit's head made of foam, or does it have nothing inside it but a mouthboard?
  7. Sprocket77

    The Henson Family Christmas

    Well, look at me, here I am, right where I sorta belong. :) This is my second fanfiction, which now focuses more on comedy and slapstick unlike my last one...urgh. :p This one takes place in the 1980's. Chapter One At 1:00AM in the morning, everyone was asleep on a fine Christmas Day...Henson...
  8. Sprocket77

    The Worst Day of 1990

    This is my first shot at writing what people call "fanfics." And, because I'm a novice, don't expect this to be amazingly good. :o Okay, so here goes. On a really early morning, Kermit was sitting down on a couch alone. He had heard about his friend Jim's death...all the while he was weeping...