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  1. ResidentLilly

    Sesame Street Canceled Figures Interview

    I get where you are coming from. Thankfully on a Kickstarter project I would never have to make a final decision like that. Just present the project. If it doesn't get funded, it means that people don't want it. If the people want something else, I'd find out by general consensus. One of the...
  2. ResidentLilly

    Sesame Street Canceled Figures Interview

    Yeah maybe, but one of the selling features to some of of us old fogies would be that the scale be consistent with the Palisades Muppet figures. To sort of 'complete that collection'. Or not. This was just me thinking out loud. Nothing has to be any way. That's the fun of actually thinking out...
  3. ResidentLilly

    Sesame Street Canceled Figures Interview

    I'm not sure what you mean by a grittier version picture. Or about Big Bird's doors. I thought we had actually eliminated the doors because of spacing issues, though I cannot recall for sure. The 123 building though, fully painted, was shown, just not very well. Partly because it was painted...
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    Sesame Street Canceled Figures Interview

    Not really sure where this belongs. It is mainly a Palisades Figure line related subject, but not sure if it belongs here, or in the SS section. So since I see that there are a lot of posts in this areas about SS, I figured I would take a shot here. I was interviewed this month in issue #3 of...
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    Palisades style Mini Muppet project update thread

    We actually were planning on articulation, just so you know. In the legs and a lot of other places. Always remember the painted protos were just the start of things. We did a lot of work after that with engineering in some joints. This photo is a stage one factory gypsum model. I call it stage...
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    Just Popping in to Say 'Hello'

    Looks like I was posting in the wrong place after all. Thanks for moving it and getting that sorted out. Didn't see this fan/family section. Everything is all different...looks cool though.
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    Just Popping in to Say 'Hello'

    I get e-mail notifications often from MC and read the articles and such, but don't visit forums and message boards nearly as often as I want to. Especially this one. Not sure why. Maybe this one in particular because there is always that slight tinge of pain associated with it for me. That pain...
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    Ask Ken at Palisades

    WHOA! I check my Inbox this afternoon, and I see this message. Not since 2009 has one appeared in it. And then? I wasn't paying much attention to be honest. Too many other things on my plate. Rough year. It wasn't difficult at all, to answer your question, since the set on the show changed...
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    Ask Ken at Palisades

    But not at all a bad assessment Mwoo, I know the conflict of Kermit in a trenchcoat was ALL SS related.
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    Ask Ken at Palisades

    Matt, is ANYONE was gonna know that it was gonna be you. You amaze me with that knowledge and history. You should write a book. Anyway, yeah seeing it and reading it DOES jog some memory. I remember looking over the first contract and it was VERY specific in the character list it gave us. And...
  11. ResidentLilly

    Ask Ken at Palisades

    We never got that specific in any of he discussions, us and Henson I mean. I would love to see the quote he mentions of what I said about it at the time. If I could see it I could probably tell you right away what the circumstances were.
  12. ResidentLilly

    Ask Ken at Palisades

    I dunno, that's so relative. As a fan? I wanted to go super obscure. But as a company we had to reign that in a little bit because the sales on the line always struggled beyond series 1 and 2. And I miss Palisades too.
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    Ask Ken at Palisades

    I still lurk a bit. I don't recall the circumstances of saying he was not covered in the contract. The only thing I can say for sure is that when we first got the gig the contract covered the entire show, then later was expanded to the films. Those contracts did not have an individual list...
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    Ask Travis: A Master Replicas Photo Puppet Q&A Thread

    Hey Travis, I have a question. How'ya doin?
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    The Action Figure Poll

    Back when I worked at ReSaurus, we were pitching the concept of a figure line to Henson pretty intensely, and that didn't pan out. When I left ReSaurus and went to Palisades I suggested it to the bosses there and we pitched it to Henson. Not sure what happened between the ReSaurus pitch and the...
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    Series 4 Mini Muppet PVC

    Not sure if this was posted somewhere else by one of the folks like COunt who are on both boards, but if you weren't aware I wanted to point you in the direction of some photos I took this past week of some paint masters that I discovered of the canceled Series 4 Mini Muppets from Palisades...
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    Muppet Kubrick Collection

    Although technically speaking, Kubricks copied the LEGO figure style.
  18. ResidentLilly

    Smart Bomb Designer Figure Contest

    Hopefully Phil can indulge me here a bit...I owe him an interview and have been dragging my feet, but I am seeing light at the end of the tunnel on it. It's tough stuff to talk about! But anyway, if Phil is OK with me posting this, I want to invite anyone who wants to participate to check out a...
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    Limited by CAS acquires Palisades

    Yeah I really would not hold out hope. *EDIT - OOPS. Better change my sig!
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    What's your favorite Palisades accessory?

    Mine will always be the Pizza Box...and I have no idea why.