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    New Stuff At The Parks. Star Wars/Muppet Figures!
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    Muppet Studios said there would be an announcement tomorrow between The Muppets and the Postal Service. New stamps?
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    Muppet Family Christmas at FYE on DVD

    Yesterday I was at the Lynnwood mall here in Wa. state and I ran across 3 copies of MFC. It's been awhile since I've seen it on the shelf and I know for awhile it had been going for at least $40 on Ebay. If anyone else needs this, check FYE.
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    Drew Pearson Muppet Hats

    They make Kermit, Animal, Gonzo and Fozzie.
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    Anyone See These
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    Just Received...

    A pre-order notification for MR'S Gonzo! I didn't know it would be that quick. Great News! The product listed below is now on its way to our distribution center in the U.S. You will be receiving another e-mail when the product arrives and is ready to ship-this is just to inform you that the...
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    Kermit Claus

    Check out this new Kermit statue from lenox. It's a really good likeness me thinks...
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    New Muppet BobbleHeads at DisneyWorld? Anyone...
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    Limited Edition Giclee At Disney Shopping

    Check out the Muppet store at Disney. Expensive but cool.
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    Giant Seasame Puppets

    Giant Sesame Puppets I saw these at Puzzle Zoo today. They had Cookie, Grover and Ernie. They were huge. I wouldn't go as far as saying life-like size, but darn close. They looked o.k. Cookie and Grover looked the best than Ernie.
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    New Article On Jim Henson's Puppet Improv;_ylt=AgATMEJzxvQIZuJWpB9oZspxFb8C;_ylu=X3oDMTA2Z2szazkxBHNlYwN0bQ--
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    New Muppet Nascar Jackets

    For the Datona 500 Disney has put out these character jackets, They look pretty cool...
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    Just When You Thought It Might Get Better...

    I went to Disney's California Adventure yesterday and they were having a sneak preview of Monster's Inc. the ride and I was thinking, great, hopefully the shop will be open and I can check for new Muppets stuff. After seeing that they had the new Kermit statue and a new Animal shirt(for the...
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    I was at California Adventure over the weekend and apparently there are changes being made to the Muppet area. First and foremost Rizzo's Prop Shop has closed. I talked to a cast member and she said they were going to re-open a new store combined with Monsters Inc, merchandise. The second thing...
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    Jim Henson Figure On Sale At Palisades

    Go now and buy him!!!!!! And pick up some Mini-Muppets while you are there.
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    Sweetums Is Here!!!

    Just ordered mine!! Weeeeeeeeeee!!! :D
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    Plush Sam at California Disney

    I don't know if anyone else has seen this, but I was at California Disney today with my daughter and when we got off of Muppet Vision 3D I went over to take a look at the merchandise. I was really happy to find a new plush Sam the Eagle. He is holding an American flag and has the shifty eyed...
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    Window display at Puzzle Zoo!!!

    So, I was walking around the South Coast Plaza yesterday doing my normal hunt for new Muppet stuff rounds and what do I see.......In the front window of Puzzle Zoo a huge Muppet display!!! It was put up by Sabaya and had all of the normal merchandise in it except for the 5 foot tall plush...
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    Will Indy Kermit be the 2004 Tour Figure?

    If you go to the Palisades Muppet forum, there is a huge discussion of the picture from a Previews magazine. The shadow of a Kermit figure that looks to be wearing a fedora and a open gun holster. :D :)
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    Primus Fans

    Good news!!! The band is back together with original drummer Tim Alexander. They are releasing a three hour DVD with a new five song ep. They will be touring and are doing two sets. The first is a mix of thier songs and the second set is the entire Sailing the Seas of Cheese album. :D :sing...