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  1. Old Thunder

    The Language Thread

    Inspired by the What Made You Think Today? thread, in which @fuzzygobo wrote the following: ...and I followed up with: Alphabets happen to be a very serious special interest of mine, and our posts got me thinking about doing more breakdowns from around the world of language. Hence this...
  2. Old Thunder

    Happy Birthday Gavry3!

    I spit my lungs into the floor whatcha gonna do now punk @gavry3 @gavry3 @gavry3 @gavry3 @gavry3 @gavry3 @gavry3 @gavry3 @gavry3 @gavry3 @gavry3 @gavry3 @gavry3 @gavry3 @gavry3 @gavry3 @gavry3 @gavry3 @gavry3 @gavry3 @gavry3 @gavry3 @gavry3 @gavry3
  3. Old Thunder

    Please Read

    To @Phillip : For several years, Muppet Central - both website and forum - has stagnated. News articles are never updated, complaints have been shoved aside, and the only thing that's actually happened is a bunch of pointless thread deletions that have only added fuel to the fire. We are all...
  4. Old Thunder

    Editing Posts and Custom Fonts and Colors

    @Phillip is there a chance we could have the ability to edit posts without a time limit? It’s unfortunate when you make a typo and can’t change it when you see it. Also, the ability to change text size, font, and color would be nice to have again. Would really spruce up the forum in certain...
  5. Old Thunder

    Bermuda Triangle: A Novel

    BERMUDA TRIANGLE By David Wilbur Based on Buckethead's album 1. Intro "You are entering one of the most mysterious and misunderstood places on the face of the earth, in an area that has stirred the imagination of man for centuries. Those who know about it have names for this area: The...
  6. Old Thunder

    Muppet Productions Ranked

    Hey there, ladies and gentlemen. I've been wondering for some time what the definitive best Muppet production is, and I've decided to open up a Google form for it. You can access it here. Basically, go through and rank each item from 1 - 10, 10 being amazing and 1 being terrible. The results...
  7. Old Thunder

    Poetry Thread

    Since some people here, like myself, often engage in poetry writing, I figured that I would open up this thread so anyone can share what they’ve written here. I will begin with a new one I wrote this morning: “Thus Spake The Nightspirit.” Thus spake the nightspirit: ”The world is turning...
  8. Old Thunder

    Die Fraggles

    Sie wissen wahrscheinlich schon, dass "Fraggle Rock" ins Deutsche übersetzt wurde, wo es "Die Fraggles" hieß. Ich wollte nur sagen, dass ich diese Version genauso liebe wie die englische Originalversion. Die Synchronsprecher sind perfekt für die Charaktere, es gibt einige Witze, die auf Deutsch...
  9. Old Thunder

    How do you pronounce "Whitmire"?

    Is it "Wit-mer" or "Wit-myer"?
  10. Old Thunder

    Mysterious Incidents, Weird Phenomena, and Other Tales and Events of Epically Insane Proportion

    ft. Dr. Boober R Memes (Old Thunder) and Froggy la Fool disclaimer: this stuff is wildly crazy, possibly raunchy and lewd, and should not read by anyone except for EVERYBODY! HOKAY! boobermemes-Today at 8:57 PM @Froggy Fool hi ho! Froggy Fool-Today at 8:57 PM hola boobermemes-Today at...
  11. Old Thunder

    Let's see how many replies we can get to this post!

    100,000 replies thread is gone. Instead of just remaking the thread again in the same way, let's take it easier - let's just see how many replies we can get to this post. To start it off, this is a new thread... so: Dying swans Twisted wings Beauty not needed here Lost my love Lost my life...
  12. Old Thunder

    Muppet Madness

    March may be over, but the fun is just beginning. Hi Muppet Central. It’s your @Old Thunder here. He’s bored and ready for some fun. 64 characters. That’s the goal here. 64 total characters from any of Jim’s shows and films - The Muppets, Sesame Street, Fraggle Rock, etc. 64 of them squared off...
  13. Old Thunder


    Everyone needs to check this woman out. She is amazing as @gavry3 and I have found out together. Better than Ramsey and all those fake nuggets. KAY is the goddess of the kitchen. Yes. Click.
  14. Old Thunder


    So there are several threads we talk about music in, but here I wanna talk about a specific artist - Buckethead. Yeah. The guy who wears a KFC bucket and a Michael Myers mask and somehow happens to be one of the most insanely talented guitarists on the planet. And prolific. My god, prolific...
  15. Old Thunder


    Now, lots of people here know that I'm a huge fan of Thomas & Friends. What you may not know is that I'm also a huge fan of a short-lived sister series of Thomas that, while it may not have lasted long, certainly left a huge legacy in the department of animated TV series and pushed the...
  16. Old Thunder

    The 101 Greatest Metal Songs Of All Time

    If you know anything about me, it's that metal is my favorite genre of music. Muppet Central isn't the biggest metal metropolis, but there are a few people (besides me, @LittleJerry92 is probably heading the charge). So why would you want to see a list of the greatest metal songs ever? Well...
  17. Old Thunder

    "Bad News" Appreciation Thread

    OK guys, I think it's safe to say that the greatest song ever written or recorded is this gem from Fraggle Rock Season 1, Episode 8: This thread is made out of appreciation of this wonderful piece of music - "Bad News", guys - any other fans of it? :coy:
  18. Old Thunder

    Moby Dick

    Let's bond over some whale hunting, shall we?
  19. Old Thunder

    RIP Chris Cornell (1964-2017)

    A sad day for grunge fans as Chris Cornell was found dead on May 17th, according to police, a suicide by hanging. Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains have always been my faves when it comes to grunge, but I do enjoy Soundgarden's music on occasion. But this was really surprising... and for some...
  20. Old Thunder

    Your Own Comedy

    Think you're funny? Put it to the test here. Basically, this thread is for anyone who's come up with a joke, whether it be for stand-up, sitcoms, or anything else. Here's something I came up with today... So you know those tests with the circles you have to fill in? And then they get sent in...