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  1. Redsonga

    Mokey plush on Good Morning America

    They were selling baby clothing and there was a perfect Mokey plush -never used- that they quoted for $15-25 :\. The camera man seemed to love herXD
  2. Redsonga

    Love in a laundromat

    One of my favorite muppet songs ever:concern::jim:. I am very saddened that it does not have a film clip on youtube :(. Of course I am even more sad the movie isn't on DVD yet as a remember when historic Disney thing :(. After all plenty of films have been put out now with looks at the older...
  3. Redsonga

    The New Adventures of Winnie The Pooh

    I wish they would put this in a DVD set or four. He is still as loved as ever, and the series was really a step above the newer movies IMHO :). A single episode here or there isn't the same :sympathy:
  4. Redsonga

    Very basic question: Drinking?

    How is the effect of a muppet drinking from a straw done?:excited: I just was wondering and couldn't find any info...
  5. Redsonga

    Happy Father's Day! :)

    I've always been a daddy's girl :flirt:*lol* Even though my parents are divorced since I was three they stayed friends... Happy Father's Day to all the daddies here:3! (I know there is at least one new one ;))
  6. Redsonga

    Disney's Bolt

    I just saw it today (I haven't been able to go to the movies for about a year now) on DVD. I was just wondering what everyone thought of it? I think it was a pretty movie, picture wise, and the beginning where he was a puppy and the song scenes when he was learning to be a normal dog were well...
  7. Redsonga

    Fraggle Pairings

    Since the other topic on this is as old a doozer towers made out of mushrooms I decided to start a new one : ). Everyone probably knows I ship Cantus/Mokey as well as Mokey/Boober (not only because both work to me but because Cantus is much older, and it seems more realistic that way. I don't...
  8. Redsonga

    What other creatures are living in Fraggle Rock?

    ....They don't even have to be official, they can just be your own ideas. I like to think that there are many smaller types of races related to the gorgs, and also, going by some of the supporting characters we see, a few cat like monster tribes..and of course, talking rats and mice. It's...
  9. Redsonga

    Whatever happened to the honkers?

    It is a bit random, but I just realized how much I miss them...and how much they just were SST to me..just silly for silly's sake...and how they just have seemed to..go away without a word.... *sad ranting sigh*:sympathy:
  10. Redsonga

    Meet Me At Sunning Rock (A Fraggle Rock Play)

    Meet Me At Sunning Rock (A Fraggle Rock Play) The sunny day seeped through the braches of scarlet leafed maple trees, casting its bright footprints upon the green forest floor near a well kept lawn. A lawn that all of the areas tourist knew and loved as being a part of the well renowned...
  11. Redsonga

    Fraggle Rock coloring book :3

    I just got a FR coloring book from 1983 (the year I was born) from ebay :). I am really thinking it is my duty to color it :3. I was wondering if I should scan the pages for everyone before that (to better be used over and over), if no one has before, this is the cover...
  12. Redsonga

    Is anyone else on Gaia? I just rejoined, I was a member way back in 2002 before :). I know it is a bit clicky and the forums can be awful, but I like it more than myspace at least :) This is me, I am a centaur now:
  13. Redsonga

    Hi everyboby :3...

    Hi everybody :3... How are the forums doing?:excited: I am away in Powerpuff Girls fandom for a bit (thanks to the full series boxset), but I will be back here soon:). If I don't get going on Wild Wind and To Sing soon I will get eaten by gorgs I think:eek:...
  14. Redsonga

    Parents not liking the muppets?

    One of the topics lately got me thinking: Are there really parents that dislike the muppets? What do your parents think of them? My parents saw them as good clean fun next to most of everything else on tv or video, and really love them still (now in their mid-sixties.) :)
  15. Redsonga

    The rule of the rock?

    I feel like I should really know this given how much I have watched and re-watched the whole series (and maybe I've just forgotten) but... What is the rule of the rock? And if it was never really said what do you think it might be?
  16. Redsonga

    A detailed Personality Test

    This is mine, I did the longer 6-12 min. one : You do not experience strong, irresistible cravings and consequently do not find yourself tempted to overindulge, however you experience panic, confusion, and...
  17. Redsonga

    Rock and Rain (A Fraggle Rock Tale)

    Rock and Rain But you really don't remember, was it something that he said, or the voices in your head, calling Gloria? ~*~*~*~~*~*~*~*~ Rain. It came in relentless curtains, drawing its' freezing cold grip tighter around the network of tunnels. Or what had once been tunnels. Their ceilings...
  18. Redsonga

    if the gorgs had their own singing part in the theme...

    What do you think the lyrics might have been? I know they have a 'dum dee dum' version where they just repeat the chorus in the longer song but I was just thinking a line of their own might have fit just as well :).
  19. Redsonga

    Animal Crossing: City Folk

    My friend code-(I have to go get it again :o ) My town fruit- Peaches Town name- Williow My AC name- Becky I open my gates every night at 7 pm. (PST):excited:
  20. Redsonga

    Songs of Fragglia (An FR Lexicon)

    Author's before-I get-done-editing -anything-to-post-here-note: This is sort of my version of a pretend Encyclopedia Fragglia. I was going to call it Encyclopedia Fragglia, but then I realized 1) New members might mix it up with the real one. 2)This is written from an all knowing human (silly...