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  1. Cookie3001

    New series- "The Rat Pack"

    So recently I began uploading a new series that I have been planning out for a long time now. It's called The Rat Pack. It features my character Randy Rat and his band of friends I call The Crumpits. They all live in the same building where each of them contributes to this show in some way or...
  2. Cookie3001

    Greg the Bunny

    So recently I found out about this adult puppet show from Fox called Greg the Bunny. I binged every episode and I love everything about the show. Apparently there were a few different versions done, one on IFC and one based around the character Warren DeMontague. I made this thread because I was...
  3. Cookie3001

    New vodcast "Rat Chat"

    I am very happy to announce that myself and two of my friends are now starting a vodcast that talks about our own perspective on the art and business of puppetry through the perspective of 3 puppeteers starting at a young age. Where did the name come from you ask? well each of us will have a...
  4. Cookie3001

    The Monster at the End of This Book, the musical???

    This may sound strange but I found this while scrolling wikipedia I found something very interesting. The screenshot below explains it all..... Yeah, while it could just be false information I kinda believe it given how specific the details are. I want to know more about this and hopefully at...
  5. Cookie3001

    The mysterious disappearance of Frogfan76

    Now most of you will probably remember the fictional Muppet fan Frogfan76. He was very active online for a while then mysteriously vanished in 2017. I understand that YouTube puppets just come and go without explanation all the time but this was very mysterious as we didn't know anything about...
  6. Cookie3001

    Louie's Reviews (new yt channel for Muppet reviews)

    This is something that I've wanted to do for sometime now. I just recently started a yt channel where my puppet character (Louie) reviews various Muppet shows, movies, specials and merchandise on some occasions. While it's primarily Muppet focused I will occasionally expand to other things...
  7. Cookie3001

    Sesame Street Skills for Growing

    This was something really interesting that I thought deserved it's own thread. This is a series of educational film strips from 1976 featuring the Sesame Street characters. I don't believe there was any info about these on Muppet Wiki or anything before and I know there wasn't anything on the...
  8. Cookie3001

    My first TV puppetry gig

    So recently I've been doing lots of videos with two of my puppet characters for some virtual services my church has been doing. Several weeks ago my local TV station approached my church and they were interested in having these services televised so starting this Sunday August 2nd MY PUPPETS ARE...
  9. Cookie3001

    Kermit in Sesame Street merchandise

    This is a topic I have always been really interested in and it's about time I made a thread.
  10. Cookie3001

    Thoughts on the Puppet Heap muppets

    Yes I know this is old news but I really feel like this needs a thread. Just give your opinion on the Disney Muppets being made by Puppet Heap :concern:
  11. Cookie3001

    Favorite Sesame Street collectibles

    Yeah, this thread basically speaks for itself. Just showcase Sesame Street items you own and really value
  12. Cookie3001

    Sesame Street Honker Replicas

    I thought I'd mention I have plans for several Honker replicas. I'm just trying to find out what materials to use and where I can get them. I want to start with the classic green Honker with blue hair (also known as "Mr Honker") then I don't know who I'll make after that bu stay tuned for more
  13. Cookie3001

    Ideal Big Bird Storymagic

    This toy is extremely underrated and definitely deserves a thread here. I never owned one and am hoping to find one sometime this year. If anyone else owns one or has any thoughts on the toy please post here
  14. Cookie3001

    Banned Little Mermaid VHS for sale on eBay

    For anyone who is interested I just listed my copy of the banned Little Mermaid VHS on eBay
  15. Cookie3001

    The Wacky Adventures of Ernie and Bert

    So I'm working on this new Sesame Street fan fiction show about Bert and Ernie going on wild adventures (not to be confused with the other show) so on this thread you can write episodes for my show. Just write about any wild adventures you want to see the Sesame Street residents going on
  16. Cookie3001

    Applause Sesame Street plushies

    This line is probably my favorite Sesame Street plush line, I only have about 4 from the set but since there isn't already a thread for this I wanted to start one.
  17. Cookie3001

    Vintage Sesame Street puppets

    Another toy category we needed a thread about. The vintage Sesame Street puppets made by Topper, Educational Toys, Questor and other companies are probably my favorite out of all Sesame Street toys. So if you also have any thoughts about these toys you know the drill, just post here.
  18. Cookie3001

    Gund Sesame Street toy collection thread

    So I noticed that @DePingPong started a thread about Tyco Sesame Street toys so I decided to start one about Gund since I own a good amount of the gund toys. Gund Sesame Street toys were sort of what started my muppet collection which is why they are very important to me.
  19. Cookie3001

    Looking back at Welcome to Pooh Corner

    Defunctland just did a video on the history of the infamous puppet show "Welcome to Pooh Corner". Check it out.
  20. Cookie3001

    Did anyone save The Muppets at Walt Disney World?

    I know that in the past there have been one or more copies of The Muppet at Walt Disney World but they were removed so did anyone save or have another copy? because I really need to see this special again.