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  1. Luke

    Old MuppetCast Episodes?

    Hey guys Was visiting the MuppetCast website and noticed all of the episodes are down. What a shame!!! Is there any way to get these?
  2. Luke

    New ALF Movie from Sony Pictures

    Hi All Looks like The Muppets isnt the only new puppetry rebirth .... Sony has greenlit a new ALF theatrical movie. Great news. The creators of ALF (similar to Jim) have always been very protective...
  3. Luke

    UK TV - The Muppets on The X Factor

    The Muppets will be performing with Olly Murs, a singer on the UK version of The X-Factor tonight at 8pm (GMT) on ITV1. For any overseas friends who want to watch, the show is usually streamed live by people on though i'm sure it will be on Youtube soon after anyway. It'll be...
  4. Luke

    ALF 25th Anniversary Today

    Just to say that today marks 25 years since the ALF sitcom launched on NBC, 09/22/86. Since then there has been not only the TV show but also the movie, 2 cartoons, a talk show, and countless appearances, not to mention lots of merchandise. The guys over at along with the...
  5. Luke

    Ask KidRobot for The Muppets 3" Mini Figures

    Guys, as you may know Kidrobot make the brilliant 3" Simpsons mini figures (2 series so far) and are really into the whole idea of creating a "world" with accessories and stuff. The figures are great, really good detailed likeness with accessories. Here's an example :- So i'd love them to...
  6. Luke

    FR Complete Series 63% Off at

    Guys Today only at Amazon - Fraggle Rock Complete Series for only $37.49. Serious bargain if you haven't got it at 63% off RRP. Thought it was worth a mention
  7. Luke

    R.I.P Gary Coleman The curse of Different Strokes continues .... RIP Gary, you will be missed!
  8. Luke

    New Henson GSN show: Late Night Liars

    Hi Guys, The Jim Henson Company are developing a new late night gameshow for GSN coming this Summer. The name currently being used is "Never Trust A Puppet" or "Late Night Liars". The format is "A late night comedy and gameshow where human contestants face off against 5 outrageous...
  9. Luke

    Jim Henson Company announces Fraggle Rock™ Forever Collection

    THE JIM HENSON COMPANY ANNOUNCES FRAGGLE ROCK™ FOREVER COLLECTION ~Fan Favorite Brand As Popular As Ever~ HOLLYWOOD, CA, September 29, 2009 –The Jim Henson Company announced today that it is launching a new merchandise collection, Fraggle Rock™ Forever based on the global fan-favorite...
  10. Luke

    Puppetry On The Fourth Plinth

    One and Other - at is a special project to put a different person on top of the fourth plinth in Londons historic Trafalgar Square every hour, 24 hours a day, until October. You can watch these people live on the internet, or its also being shown at times on Sky Arts...
  11. Luke

    Kermit Appears In Prince Charles Rainforest Awareness Viral Video

    Launching today the UK's Prince (and future King) Charles released a viral video to increase people's awareness of the damage being done to the Rain Forests. The video is being run across all media, especially online like Youtube, Myspace, Facebook. Some major celebritys have filmed parts in...
  12. Luke

    Writing Campaign: Save the Fozzie Photo Puppet

    Below is a contact list of most retailers who stock Master Replicas products online (aside sites that are Star Wars specific). As you may have read in the Save Fozzie thread there has been little support from retailers to stock the Fozzie Bear photo puppet as they don't think there are enough...
  13. Luke

    Rumor: Reporter Kermit Replica in 2009

    Unofficial news, but i have been trying to obtain a Kermit replica within the UK, and emailed a well known collectibles store. The owner emailed me back and said that he had been in contact with the distributor today. He was told although the stocks of regular Kermit are gone, Master Replicas...
  14. Luke

    Custom Master Replicas Outfits - Ideas Wanted

    So i was speaking to someone who is great at making costumes and accessories in the collectable doll world, and showed them the Master Replicas Muppets, and she was impressed. When i said i didn't think they would be selling outfits for them she expressed an interest in doing something...
  15. Luke

    New Sesame Merchandise For 2008, and Animated Bert & Ernie Updated

    Over the next few months (what with the UK and USA toy fairs) the licensing program for Sesame Street is going to be expanded, with various announcements of new toys and apparel for 2008. This is mainly being managed by CPLG, who run Sesame licensing in Europe. The licensee companies that will...
  16. Luke

    Post Elmo's Christmas Countdown Live Chat

    Hi, i thought it might be fun if we could all get together after Elmo's Christmas Countdown has aired for a christmas chat to discuss the special. If anyone has any suggestions where to host this it'd be great if they could say and if anybody would be interested in turning up and joining in...
  17. Luke

    ALF Joins Fox News - "The O'Reilly Factor"

    ALF will be debuting as a political commentator on "The O'Reilly Factor" with Bill O'Reilly this Friday night (11/30) on Fox News. It airs at 8 and 11pm Eastern in the USA and is also broadcast internationally (Check Listings). This looks like the start of a regular guest spot for him if all...
  18. Luke

    9" and 12" Fraggle Plushes To Be Available In UK

    It was announced today in the industry magazine Toy News that a distribution company called ESDEVIUM GAMES will bring 9" and 12" Fraggle and Doozer plushes to the UK. Each of the 12" character coming with a DVD containing 2 episodes of the show. This sounds a bit like the Sababa plushes with...
  19. Luke

    Windup Fraggle Rock Tomy Doozer On Ebay

    Only a few hours left, but i have one of the Fraggle Rock windup Doozer's from Tomy 1983 on ebay. Needs a bit of attention but looks great. They're kinda rare and getting a lot of interest so thought i'd mention it.
  20. Luke

    Puppeteer Damon Scott on Britain's Got Talent

    Hi all, Check out this very funny clip of young puppeteer Damon Scott on Britain's Got Talent (the UK version of America's Got Talent but Simon Cowell is a judge). He appears with Bubbles the Monkey, and he got through. The winning act gets to perform in front of the Queen at this years...