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  1. SesameFever

    Muppet Magazine Request

    Can somebody please send me a PDF or JPEG scan of Muppet Magazine wit Mr. T and Weird Al Yankovic? Same issue for both. Thanks.
  2. SesameFever

    Muppet music question

    I do not have SirusXM radio but I know Radio Disney change to Disney Hits. Does anyone here know if it plays old muppet albums since they are Disney owned now? Thanks
  3. SesameFever

    Sesame Country question

    DID Golden music record the extra track roll over themselves or was it recorded for the original album and cut at the last minute?
  4. SesameFever

    How to rip from HBO Max

    I need someone who knows how to rip from HBO Max There are several episodes I want but can't afford to pay for right now. Thanks.
  5. SesameFever

    Disney Character Puppets

    Don't know if this is right section. But what does people think of Disney turning winnie the pooh into muppet like characters?
  6. SesameFever

    Classic Muppet Albums (Non-Sesame Street)

    Disney has released several of their classic vinyl release of the past on iTunes and classic Sesame albums are now popular on iTunes even though most are highly edited and sound crappy at least they are available somewhat. Do you think there is any chance that Disney will release the classic...
  7. SesameFever

    Big Bird In Japan Question

    Hi, Can anybody tell me anything about the lady who played the Moon Goddess in Big Bird In Japan. I LOVE the song Moon, Moon Did she release any albums? What else was she in??? Thanks.
  8. SesameFever

    Question about Muppet Album Performers

    When the Muppets recorded studio albums like "Kermit Unpigged" or "Sesame Country" did the performers wear their costumes/hold their Muppet or just dress normal and sing in the character voice??? I am guessing no costumes because it is just an album after all.
  9. SesameFever

    Sesame Street Questions

    I am so confused with sesame Street now. 1. What was the storyline behind Maria leaving and how does Louise tie in??? 2. Is Bob McGrath Still on the show?? How did they write him off if he left??? 3. Who Currently runs Hooper's store??? Thanks. Bob
  10. SesameFever

    Fraggle Rock UK and Muppet Show Episodes

    I am looking for the FULL UK series of The Muppet Show And Fraggle Rock to download. Thanks.
  11. SesameFever

    Non-Muppet Request

    Does Anybody have Amazon Prime and a good screen capturing program??? I need thse 2 American Girl Movies on to complete my collection I can find any torrents of them except in Italian language. Thanks...
  12. SesameFever

    Looking for a Sesame Street Skit

    What is the Grover Waiter skit where is serves a grapefruit on a hamburger bun to Fat Blue. Can somebody send me a YouTube link??? I was watching Monty Python's SPAM skit and it reminded me of it. Thanks.
  13. SesameFever

    Sesame Street Song Question (Busy People)

    First of all what is the correct title to this song "Busy People" or "What Do People Do All Day?"? Is this a Joe Raposo or Jeff Moss song??? I can find anything about it on Muppet Wiki. Thanks.
  14. SesameFever

    Wanted PDF versions of Muppet Magizene and Muppet Show Fan Club Newsletters

    I want scanned copies of all of these if anyone can help. Thanks. Bob
  15. SesameFever

    The Best Of Kermit On Sesame Street

    Dose aybody have this as a Digital File the could send me to download???? Thanks. Bob
  16. SesameFever

    I Am Big Bird Questions

    Hi, Will there ever be a DVD Release of I Am Big Bird??? What about a soundtrack???? Will it be released in Theaters nation wide like The Muppets Most Wanted???? Thanks.
  17. SesameFever

    Why isn't Muppet Babies on Disney Junior?

    Hi, With the 24 hour Disney Junior Channel, what are the chances of Disney adding Muppet Babies to that channel??? I wish the would and we can begin collection High quality recordings of the episodes.
  18. SesameFever

    Stars On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame How to Find

    I am Going to California Soon and I am wondering how to easily find specific stars like I want anything Disney and Muppet related. Thanks.
  19. SesameFever

    Muppet Babies Music Question

    Was there ever any Muppet Babies Christmas episodes basically I mean is the only CHRISTMAS/HOLIDAY song we got by the Muppet Babies was Santa Clause Is Comin' To Town from A Muppet Family Christmas????
  20. SesameFever

    Was Sesame Street Taping outside in NYC Today???

    My sister's friend was running in NYC today and she took these pictures. Is this the REALY Big Bird (Spinney) filiming for a new episode or is it just some random costume???? Thanks.