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  1. OscarandTelly

    Episode 3741 remake

    When someone has something rare and you ask nicely if they'll share it and they won't. Then theres something wrong with them.
  2. OscarandTelly

    Episode 3741 remake

    He really needs to make an exception and upload this one episode
  3. OscarandTelly

    Episode 3741 remake

    Hey. I truly very badly would like a copy or a YouTube upload of the season 30 re air version of episode 3741 schrifty has it but he won't share it. If you are reading this What is a surefire way to get you to share it? Also I was wondering if the fellow forum users could give me some...
  4. OscarandTelly

    Sesame Street Season 49 Episode 4911 - Honk If You Love Libraries

    A part where Ernie and Bert visited the library may have saved the episode.
  5. OscarandTelly

    Classic Sesame Clips on Youtube

    I am grateful that 4 years ago Rohail was able to upload rare old episodes that weren't available anywhere else like 1199 and 1201. However I have tried talking to him on Facebook a few times and unfortunately he is not capable of carrying on a normal conversation. He asked me for a bunch of...
  6. OscarandTelly

    Characters who met Snuffy before episode 2096

    I'm glad David got to meet Snuffy. The adults met him just a few years before David passed. He had some good moments with David. One of my favorites is when Maria and Luis fall in love and Snuffy has a misunderstanding about it and he tells David he will still be his friend even tho him and...
  7. OscarandTelly

    Is Sesame Street Season 33 available anywhere?

    Season 33 seems to be a rather hard season to find episodes from because it was when they first introduced the new format. The season after that season 34 they didn't exactly go back to the old format but they made some adjustments to the new one. Classic fans of the show weren't really taping...
  8. OscarandTelly

    Sesame Street Season 49 Episode 4910 - Astronaut Elmo

    Its more practical for them to do reruns from seasons 46 or 47. Seasons 39 to 45 the set was different and the older cast members were still there. Don't get me wrong I love the episodes from those years. But I'd rather just see the actual episode instead of a remade shortened hacked to pieces...
  9. OscarandTelly

    Characters who met Snuffy before episode 2096

    After reading some of those new guides. I noticed Forgetful Jones actually met Snuffy in a season 13 episode so apparently 1836 wasn't their first meeting. So the running gag of forgetful meeting snuffy then forgetting about it actually went on longer than we thought. Also in season 13 Slimey...
  10. OscarandTelly

    Did Jim Henson smoke cigarettes or take drugs?

    Years back during the MySpace days I looked up imani Patterson's profile. He played Miles in sesame street from 1995-2002 and under smoking it said yes. Do I look at him differently because of that? Absolutely not. I still think he's a great actor and him being miles on a children's show and who...
  11. OscarandTelly

    Did Jim Henson smoke cigarettes or take drugs?

    I'm not sure but if he did its nothing to look down at since smoking was a lot more common back then and wasn't known to be as dangerous.
  12. OscarandTelly

    Richard Hunt in Season 23

    Yes that's the one thank you. I hope it is from season 23. Because that way we at least had one forgetful jones moment in season 23. Its obvious Richard wasn't as heavily involved in season 23 but it's still amazing how he was willing to still work on the show because I've heard he was very ill...
  13. OscarandTelly

    Richard Hunt in Season 23

    Hate to bump an old thread but thanks to the recent full guides on muppet wiki I've discovered the episode that starts out with Herry and Gladys arguing was episode 2984. However nowhere in the season 23 guides does it list the scene with forgetful reading old king cole. This is really confusing...
  14. OscarandTelly

    Sesame Street Season 49 Episode 4909 - Bath Time for Blanky

    Leela was a great character and she would have went great in this episode. Working at the laundromat with Grover. She could have been the one training him. Does anyone know if Nitya Vidyasagar voluntarily left or if she was let go?
  15. OscarandTelly

    Episode info from trusted sources

    Must be season 11 was the last to feature Frank's charachters then. As there is a few from that season that aren't reruns with Bert.
  16. OscarandTelly

    Episode info from trusted sources

    Well there's this one here
  17. OscarandTelly

    Episode info from trusted sources

    I've been reading the season 10 completed episode guides and I noticed Sam the Robot was actually in 1315. So apparently he was there longer than I thought as I originally thought he was there from seasons 4 to 7. Also it seems like Frank Oz was still performing his characters in street scenes...
  18. OscarandTelly

    Richard Hunt It's been 14 years

    Hard to believe its been 13 years since this was posted. And its a thread about Richard being gone for 14 years. Well now he's been gone 27 years and I still miss his charachters like crazy. I remember as a kid if ever Gladys, Forgetful, Placido or Don Music showed up. It was a guarantee it...
  19. OscarandTelly

    Sesame Street Season 49 Episode 4905 - Elmo's Factory

    Although Big Bird only made a brief cameo it was clearly Carroll doing the voice.