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    A none too happy update

    I'm here for the day for this one post, maybe a couple more, but other than that, don't be mistaken that I'm coming back for good or even temporary. While I cannot safely say that things were looking up that much, things were being handled. I'm still having a miserable go, but things were...
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    It's been Fun, but I REALLY must be going....

    I'm sure you know that for a while I've been trying to deal with a lot of stuff, and frankly it's been overwhelming. I'd say recent events pushed me over the edge and got me to have a hard, long look at things, and I'd say, the best option for me is to leave certain things behind and deal full...
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    HEY! They're actually reviving Young Justice for a third season

    Here's some unbelievable news The show we hate Teen Titans Go for replacing is actually coming back. It was hinted that if the 2 season series got enough views on Netflix (though I don't know exactly how they confirm that) there might be a chance. I hope this isn't one of those times the...
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    R.I.P. C. Martin Croker 1962-2016

    This news really cut me. Co-creator of Space Ghost Coast to Coast, as well as the voice of Moltar and Zorak has died. Here's his memorable appearance as Dr. Weird.
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    These Ugly Sesame Shirts were a thing, apparently.

    Just... Just... These exist. And I thought "Elmo loves the Bears" was bad. Yeah, I get that these are made out of recycled fabric and all, but... Sigh... did these get by Sesame Workshop's licensing division? I can't even make a joke about bootlegs being better made...
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    Skylanders gets picked up as 2 Season Netflix series As a fan of cartoon adaptions of video games, this is something I wanted to see for a while. I do not own any of the current gen consoles, and can't actually play any...
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    New CGI Garfield films supposedly in the works

    Details First off, in case anyone doesn't already know, those screen shots are pretty weaselly taken from The Garfield show. Second of all, I never understood why they never made the Garfield films completely CGI, even though they had a side series of DTV film length projects. Now I'm not...
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    Why the Time is Right for a New Muppet Babies

    Let's face it. ABC held the fandom down and repeatedly kicked it in its sensitive areas with the no tolerance cancellation to appease stock and share holders losing a petty amount of money on television shows. I don't think we'll see anything but some lousy special here and there and maybe...
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    FCBD 2016 Boom offering has Labyrinth comic in it

    Here's a brief preview Ludo is in it. Hope it doesn't smell...
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    Sesame Workshop Launches "Sesame Studios"

    Basically a web exclusive series of clips to supplement Sesame Street. Just..without all your favorite characters: That slug thingy looks...unnatural. Like one of those Zula Patrol guys with slightly better animation.
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    Play early Muppet Computer games via the internet archive

    ...just don't expect them to be any good. Muppets on Stage Muppetville Can you believe people paid good money for games like that? And they say Muppet Babies solidified the Muppets place as "children's entertainment." Nothing like a bunch of dull mini-games in the loosest sense of the word...
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    Video: Electric Mayhem at Outside Lands 2016

    Electric Mayhem and Major Lazer?! I'd be all over that. Great to see that the band can promote and even guest at a music festival. Zoot's strangely absent.
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    The Discontinued Snack Foods thread

    I'm making an offshoot of the Breakfast Cereal thread (where the discussion ranges from current to long gone cereal items). Anything from Turtle Pies to Dunkaroos, you can talk about here. If there's one thing I must admit I miss, it's when E.L. Fudge cookies came in flavors besides butter...
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    Big Hero Six IS going to be an Animated Series!

    YES! YES! YES! YEEEEEES!!! Now, I loved the movie and it's one of my favorite modern era CGI Disney released films. But while I thought the movie was good, it really felt like it was mostly world building, and it needed another outlet to truly shine. A sequel or at least a comic book series...
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    Dark Crystal Funko Pops? MMmmHHmmmMM!

    Tough Pigs has the Details Jen, Kira (with Fizzgig), a Mystic, Chamberlain Skesis (MMmmhhMMMM), and Aughra are part of this line up. Now, if you're like me, they make too darn many of these things to collect all of your favorites, and they keep adding some great licenses to the mix. I'm...
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    Bunnicula: The Animated Series thread

    Figured I'd better split this from the Tom and Jerry Show thread. I'm really digging this series so far. There's a nice bit of cartoon zaniness and monster mash about, and it has a nice bit of heart to it as all three animals care for their little girl human caretaker, Mina. Not to mention...
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    Milo Murphy's Law: Upcoming Disney XD Cartoon series

    Yep, Povenmire and Marsh are back at it again. And here's the best part. You know how Weird Al has been guest starring in all these cartoons recently, counting but not limited to Word Girl, My Little Pony, Gravity Falls, Adventure Time and Uncle Grandpa? Well, good news because He's the main...
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    New Justice League cartoon CONFIRMED

    While some rumblings and rumors have been speculated, WB Animation has finally announced it's "Justice League Action" series with Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamil confirmed as Batman and the Joker, respectively (and I thought Hamil retired from the Joker role... how great is it to have him play his 2...
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    The Nicktoon Thread

    Figured that we have separate threads for some of their current shows and one for Old Nickelodeon, some of the more modern but not necessarily current cartoons (and a few old ones as well) are left out. So here's a nice little place to converse about those cartoons that don't fit the mold of...
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    Video: Telly panics for People Chatter

    Toughpigs has the link and info I'm glad to see even if he has a reduced presence on Sesame Street, he's being used for all this promotional footage for the show's jump to HBO. Telly is, no surprise if you've known me for years on this site, one of my favorite Sesame Street characters, and one...