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  1. PuppetMaster

    Who is your favorite Muppet Show guest star?

    I have to say.... Don Knotts.
  2. PuppetMaster

    Best Fozzie Bear Joke

    What do bears use too open their christmas persents?? Their santa CLAWS!!
  3. PuppetMaster

    April Fools: The Muppets in Narnia Special is Coming!

    Aha!! funny! Happy April Fools!
  4. PuppetMaster

    April Fools: Jason Segal wants no more muppet movies

    how can he think that???? I mean, he said he loved them.. he also said another thing too. APRIL FOOLS!!!
  5. PuppetMaster

    Muppet Sticks

    I see. Thanks! :)
  6. PuppetMaster

    Muppet Sticks

    Notice in like The Muppet Show and The Muppet Movie, the Muppets have sticks too move they're arms. I think in Muppet films from 1999+ they don't...well, they do. But you can't see them. Just wondering...since I'm a new fan...How do they do that? :D
  7. PuppetMaster

    I miss Rizzo!

    Pepe should make jokes w/ Cookie Monster. I'd like to see how that would go down. ;)
  8. PuppetMaster

    A man to be missed :(

    Makes me sad.LOL
  9. PuppetMaster

    Your Thoughts: MC's 14th Birthday

    Yup I remember checking this out when I was little
  10. PuppetMaster

    Custom-Made Rowlf the Dog Pillow Pal

    It's either fat or skinny!You cant even tell!:laugh:
  11. PuppetMaster

    Custom-Made Rowlf the Dog Pillow Pal

    A pillow.But to do that it might make kermit look kinda fat
  12. PuppetMaster

    My New Fascination with Muppets!

    Thanks man.
  13. PuppetMaster

    Custom-Made Rowlf the Dog Pillow Pal

    If somehow you could make a kermit....
  14. PuppetMaster

    Theories why Bear came to an end

    Cool!So do I!I love them!!!
  15. PuppetMaster

    Authentic Fozzie Bear for sale

    Go for it!If anyone I would want it to go to a true muppet fan!:o:Your bidding on my???:mad::WHY NOT MOI!?!?