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  1. BlakeConor14

    Cameron Boyce dies aged 20

    Disney Channel star Cameron Boyce has died aged 20 in his sleep Cameron was known for his roles on the Disney series Jessie and the Disney original movies Decendants. As well as staring in the grown ups movies He sadly passed away in his sleep due to an ongoing medical condition which he...
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    Who wants my Muppet sweetheart back on TV?

    Serious question @DrVanneuter20 ... Would you do Van Neuter up the jaxy with a strap-on? Or is that too far 😂😂
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    Video: The Dark Crystal Age Of Resistance Teaser Trailer

    Looks absolutely stunning. Jim would be proud!
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    Rumour: Muppet Shorts Coming to Disney+

    According to Disinsider, New Muppet variety shorts that are unscripted will begin filming in June. Each show will be around 3 different segments based around a cooking show, a game show and a late night show Each episode will be no more than 10 minutes long...
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    The worst live action/cgi film you'll ever see...

    Yeah I'd rather try and kill a pack of starving wolves in a single person tent and my only weapon is a plastic spoon than watch this film. It looks horrific
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    The Office discussion and appreciation thread

    Hey, The office is great isn't it. And I've seen nowhere discussing it. For me it's like Friends. No matter how many times you watch it. It doesn't get boring or old ●My favourite office characters are:Kevin and Stanley and possibly Andy ●My least favourite character is Jan (she's a mean...
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    Disney+ docuseries to show a behind the scenes of the Muppet movie for the 40th anniversary

    A Disney+ docuseries called Cinema Relics: Iconic Art of the movies will show an exclusive look behind the scenes at some of Disney's most famous movies that include: Mary Poppins, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Tron, Pirates of the Caribbean Curse of the black pearl and of course THE MUPPET MOVIE...
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    So yeah I...

    So yeah i basically joined the toughpigs fourm and it was an experience to say the least. I was ready to leave here permanently and give TP fourm a try. I wasnt going to leave here straight away until I settled on toughpigs. Straight away I noticed a lot of older fans and a lot less younger...
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    Definctland is going to be making a 6 part series on Jim Henson for DefunctTv where they have previously covered Wubbulous world, Between the lions and Bear in the big blue house. I'm so looking forward to this as Kevin always makes his videos so well researched,edited and his videos are just...
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    April Fools: Happytime Murders 2 rumoured to be in development

    Apparently STX and HA! are in the development stages of a potential sequel to the 2018 flop The Happytime Murders. No other news is out at this moment in time but both McCarthy and Bill Barreta are expected to return to their roles I'm really skeptical about this. As much as I enjoyed the...
  11. BlakeConor14

    April Fools: Muppets Live Another Day, The Muppet Show and All 7 Movies Confirmed for Disney+ 2020

    It's been confirmed in the last few moments that The Muppet Show, All 7 movies and a brand new show called Muppets Live Another Day are all coming to Disney + from 2020 The Muppet show will be airing in its entirety (including UK spots) And Muppets Live Another Day is confirmed to have Josh...
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    5 years later:Muppets Most Wanted

    5 years ago on 21st March 2014,Muppets Most Wanted premiered in the US. What our your favourite parts about the film and what things could have better
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    A new Muppet podcast in development from BlakeConor14

    Hello all, I bring to you some exciting news. I'm currently in the development stages of a new podcast called Confessions Of Some Muppet Freaks where I will interview puppeteers and people in that world about their career I will be updating you in the next few weeks about upload dates ect for...
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    Watch Me Rise: My 2018 Review

    I don't know if there is a new year thread if so apologies but anyway This year has been an odd one. It got off to the worst possible start as 12 days in I had a mini stroke and that really set me back for nearly 6 months. I had another mini stroke in March. During this time my behaviour on...
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    What do you hear Grover say?

    Listen to this clip and tell me in the comment what you hear do you hear Is it Yes that sounds like an excellent idea Or yes that's a f***ing excellent idea
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    George W Bush Senior dies aged 94

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    So the Toy Story 4 trailer dropped...

    This thread is devoted solely to questions and answers that everyone has about our new forum. Below are some of the more common questions and answers you may have. Read over the list carefully. If your question isn't listed, post a reply and we'll try to respond with an answer. How to add...
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    What made you say OOF today?

    I think the title says all that needs to be said
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    Thank you bear: What the Bear finale made me feel