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  1. satay chicken

    Muppet Movie Green Carpet Premiere - Sydney Australia

    Hi all, I've found a few news articles that have said Kermit and Jason Segel will be at the Australian premiere of the Muppet Movie on December 21st 2011 in Sydney. But that's all the information I can find :grr: I'd really like to attend the premiere (even if it's just to stand on the green...
  2. satay chicken

    Full Body Muppet Pictures

    Hi everyone :) I was looking at pictures of the gang here: and was wondering if anyone knows where I could find full-body pictures of Fozzie, Rowlf, and Sam to match the others? Or even something similar? Do full-body pictures of those...
  3. satay chicken

    DVD packs in Australia

    Just thought I'd give Aussies the buzz that K-Mart is having a nation-wide toy sale (except for the stores in Karrantha and South Hedland) :excited: Available is a twin pack of Jim Henson DVD's for only $24.99. Pack one has 'Muppets From Space' (special edition) and 'Muppets Take Manhattan'...
  4. satay chicken

    Waldorf and Statler picture

    Hello all :) I've spent the past 5 hours searching for an elusive Waldorf and Statler picture and I think I've pretty much exercised all of my resources :( Is anyone able to help me out? The picture I'm looking for is of the two of them wearing denim jackets and holding tomatoes. I've seen...