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  1. Aaron

    Hello again.

    I haven't logged in for a couple of years so i figured i would pop in and see if any of the people i used to know here are still around. if this thread gets replies I'll update about my life.
  2. Aaron

    Publishing an E-book

    A little later on this year DIP Publishing will be releasing a small book of my short stories. I'm doing everything i can to drum up support. If those of you on facebook would like and share this page i'd be very grateful.
  3. Aaron

    A fic someone should write..a challenge

    I would love to see a story about Rowlf's life from 1990 to 2011. What he did and how he was feeling. One shots in the past have touched on it but i'd like to see a major story about it. That is my challenge, any takers?
  4. Aaron

    Am i the only one who is driven crazy when people say "Guest host" rather than "Guest Star"?

    I may be nit picking but, Kermit is the host. The guest star does no hosting of the show whatsoever. I know its a minor thing but it really does get to me.
  5. Aaron

    Its Time to Light the Lights Again

    T his is the prologue to the first fan fic I've ever attempted, it could go on for years if i have the inspiration to do it. Please read and comment. more to come. September 18, 2012
  6. Aaron

    Ol' Brown Ears is Back..speculation

    I woner what the purpose was for these tracks when they were recorded in 1984. Perhaps Jim wanted to bring Rowlf back to stardom?
  7. Aaron

    Picking Up The Pieces

    This is the story i spoke about in the fan fiction idea pitch thread. I've worked with Ruahnna to bring it to life so with out further ado here she is with the first scene
  8. Aaron

    Fan Fiction idea Pitch

    A very basic plot idea i had: Somehow one of the muppets land in a wheelchair and the story would revolve around the struggles and hardships of adjusting to living that way. thoughts? anyone willing to write it? or colaberate with me in doing so?
  9. Aaron

    msn messenger

    i now have it for those that wanna talk to me
  10. Aaron

    Riding The Short bus a play by Aaron

    this is a work in progress it isn't finished and even i don't know how it ends please tell me what you think Riding The Short Bus Act 1 Prologue A boy Jonathan Cook sits in his room on the floor looking deep in thought his eyes show a far away look as if he’s on some other planet...
  11. Aaron

    I don't normally do this and...

    I'm not sure why i'm even telling you guys this since i'm not really a part of the group anymore and you could care less but..Over the last year or so i've been really depressed because of all the pain from my physical limitations and i really just want out of it i don't want feel it anymore...
  12. Aaron

    been a while

    thought i'd say hello
  13. Aaron

    I'm back

    in case anyone cares
  14. Aaron

    My Final Post

    sorry for the caps but it's so you'll notice it im leaving muppet central maybe for good if you want to know why IM me on aol or yahoo my name is the same on both the main reason is that it's just not fun here anymore the discussions are repetive the same old stuff anyway if you want to talk IM...
  15. Aaron

    FAQ Update

    Phil, you should update the "Does Disney own the Muppets" question.
  16. Aaron

    When does the Disney deal take effect?

    when dose disney take over the muppets
  17. Aaron


    erine81981 need to ask you something instant messege me
  18. Aaron

    Little Muppet Monsters episode synopsis

    i need them for my tv tome guide
  19. Aaron

    New Columbia TMS DVD's coming in February

    Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment continues to bring the Time/Life series of The Best of The Muppet Show to retail shelves with the Volume 7 DVD release on February 3, 2004. Featuring entertainment legends Bob Hope and George Burns, you'll see each of the shows they guest-starred in, shown...
  20. Aaron

    Very Merry Muppet Christmas reairs on NBC December 6th

    TV Tome reports that Very Merry Muppet Christmas will reair on NBC December 6th at 8/7 central.