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  1. ResidentLilly

    Sesame Street Canceled Figures Interview

    Not really sure where this belongs. It is mainly a Palisades Figure line related subject, but not sure if it belongs here, or in the SS section. So since I see that there are a lot of posts in this areas about SS, I figured I would take a shot here. I was interviewed this month in issue #3 of...
  2. ResidentLilly

    Just Popping in to Say 'Hello'

    I get e-mail notifications often from MC and read the articles and such, but don't visit forums and message boards nearly as often as I want to. Especially this one. Not sure why. Maybe this one in particular because there is always that slight tinge of pain associated with it for me. That pain...
  3. ResidentLilly

    Series 4 Mini Muppet PVC

    Not sure if this was posted somewhere else by one of the folks like COunt who are on both boards, but if you weren't aware I wanted to point you in the direction of some photos I took this past week of some paint masters that I discovered of the canceled Series 4 Mini Muppets from Palisades...
  4. ResidentLilly

    Smart Bomb Designer Figure Contest

    Hopefully Phil can indulge me here a bit...I owe him an interview and have been dragging my feet, but I am seeing light at the end of the tunnel on it. It's tough stuff to talk about! But anyway, if Phil is OK with me posting this, I want to invite anyone who wants to participate to check out a...
  5. ResidentLilly

    Wizard World Texas Photos

    Here are some new photos if anyone is interested. These are from this weekend's Wizard World Texas show. The Naked Rowlf shown here is the one we have had before there have been any changes to the likeness that we have planned. It still uses the Tux Rowlf head but that will change. Actually...
  6. ResidentLilly


    OK, I finally assembled a collection of Sideshow's Muppet busts. Got all of them except for Bunsen so far. I just wanted to say that I think they are pretty **** good. I really like them. Yeah, you can quibble over likeness issues, but having dealt with the varying degrees of both subtle and...
  7. ResidentLilly

    Did anyone see this? Well, their issue came out and these pics of the PVC's were in there. An unexpected Toy Fair preview indeed! There goes my Daily BIT on Monday!!! Still...been wanting to show these...
  8. ResidentLilly

    Well, It Has Happened The thing is...I couldn't tell you WHO I think this is. Can't look up earlier auctions by item number. Don't recognize the seller. The name Watto suggests a Star Wars fan and I do know a few of those in Columbus, but the last...
  9. ResidentLilly

    Check This Out...

    ...look at the new Strangepork pic and keep your eyes peeled for today's Daily will really get a kick out of it. (Sorry Phil...had to announce here since our forum is down...hope that's cool.)
  10. ResidentLilly

    New Feature Stuff

    Did any of you all get a chance to check out the Greg's latest updates to the Muppets Feature section?
  11. ResidentLilly

    New Series 4 Pics

    Check out the corrected pics...
  12. ResidentLilly

    Sideshow Busts

    Anybody got them yet? I know MWC did...anybody else? I am hoping to score some of these through industry channels so I won't be hunting for them at retail...but me wantee badly soonee, and if I have to I may go on the hunt.
  13. ResidentLilly

    Muppet Fans...I Need Some Help!

    Been searching far and wide for a really good scale model of a school bus, something very similar in make and design of the Electric Mayhem bus from the films. So far I have not found what I am looking for. I need something bigger than 1/64th scale, and highly, highly detailed. Basically I want...
  14. ResidentLilly

    Board of the Living Dead

    This board has been a bit dead this week. C'mon! Where is everybody!!! Let's get something GOING... Here is something that might get some talk started. One of these characters will appear in the first PVC set. You will find out for sure when the first Collector Club newsletter goes out next...
  15. ResidentLilly

    Series 2, Electric Bugaloo

    Check out the Daily Bit on our site...finally got some photos of the finished Series 2 product. Not mock-ups, not prototypes, not PPS...REAL LIVE product baby!
  16. ResidentLilly

    Luke...I am your father...

    ...well, not really, but I always wanted to say that. Check this out. Maybe they will be in scale where you could sufficiently modify them into Muppety penguins?
  17. ResidentLilly

    How do you like THESE apples? Vacation News...

    Check it out.... 8.99 is a very good price. Suprising to me...thought for sure they would have it for higher. It might be an may want to get them quick in...
  18. ResidentLilly

    You have to CHECK this out!!!

    Check out the new feature on our website on Muppets Series 2. Greg did a totally kickin' job on putting this together. It's really a lot of fun and showcases a lot of the cool stuff for Series 2!
  19. ResidentLilly

    Igel Beaker Needed

    To anyone who wants to trade, sell or figure out some way to get me an Igel Beaker. I need to get my hands on two of them, one to send to the factory and one to keep around for reference in the office. Trying to work out the possibility of high pile hair on the MEGA Beaker and need to get these...
  20. ResidentLilly

    Need some help

    Hey, I was trying to trade someone for a mispackaged Beaker since I thought I wasn't going to be able to get one. He went away for a while and while he was gone I ended up with a couple. I don't want to rook the guy at all, so I figured I would try to broker the same deal with someone else. If...