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  1. Bob Smith

    FOR SALE : Sabba Toys Electric Mayhem Plush Set

    I have posted this electric mayhem Plush set on ebay: I got it a while back and I don't collect muppet merchandise anymore. I know they are rare so I posted it here so a real muppet fan can buy it. Thanks A lot :)
  2. Bob Smith

    Ideal Big bird Talking

    I found a ideal big bird from 1985. It has a tap player in the back, how much is it worth?
  3. Bob Smith

    Muppets Take The Ice Worth?

    I have 3 packs of the muppets take the ice trading cards from 1994 do you guys know how much its worth? or if anyone wants to trade?
  4. Bob Smith

    Muppeteers' MC User Names

    Anyone know any of the Muppeteers' user names here on Muppet Central???
  5. Bob Smith

    Bloob (Web Series)

    Hello, My friend created a awesome webseries about a alien puppet here is the description: BLOOOB is show about a cute, "smart-mouthing" Alien, that comes from outer-space to observe and learn about the human race. PLEASE VISIT our Official Show's website @ FOR MORE INFO & TO SEE...
  6. Bob Smith

    Character autographs

    Hi, I was wondering if any one has any muppet charcter autographs. I know the jim henson company gave them out a while ago. I have a sesame street group autograph, elmo,cookie monster, bert and Snuffy. Id be willing to trade those for any muppet autographs. Thanks and Please Reply!