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  1. GrouchFanatic


    Who is your all time favorite Grouch in the world? I have to say, I’m permanently tied between Oscar & Grundgetta, but how about you guys? :grouchy::grouchy::grouchy::grouchy::grouchy::grouchy::grouchy::grouchy:
  2. GrouchFanatic

    Your Favorite Song From Sesame Street

    I’m sure you been asked this before, but what is your all time favorite song from Sesame Street? Mine is “I Love Trash” by Oscar the Grouch, of course, but it’s also my favorite song in general & it has been since I was really little. I love & admire Oscar the Grouch so much, as well as all the...
  3. GrouchFanatic


    I gotta be honest, I think Jim’s family sellin the Muppets to Disney was literally the WORST DECISION they have EVER MADE. Disney has been completely ruining the Muppets for more than 14 years!! & with Steve Whitmire outta the picture permanently, it’s really only a matter of time before the...
  4. GrouchFanatic

    “Hello, Sammy!”; inappropriate or not

    I’m sure everybody remembers back in 1986 when Carol Channing was on Sesame Street; she sang the song “Hello, Sammy!”, obviously to Jim Henson’s Sammy the Snake, a funny “Hello, Dolly!” parody. Carol serenades Sammy as he coils himself around her arms; people have posted on YouTube that the skit...