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    Zoot for sale

    Hello I finally put up my Zoot Moc Yellow shirt on ebay, due to financial circumstances. Please bid and thank you for your time Thnx again
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    Electric Mayhem playset for sale

    Hello, just wanted everyone know that I will have some stuff going up on ebay soon starting with the electric mayhem playset with animal MOC. More toys and autographs will be coming soon... hopefully a moc zoot yellowshirt too... thanks Dj lew
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    Nanco Beaker for trade for Electric Mayhem plush

    Hello I have a middle sized nanco stuffed beaker plush for trade, I am looking to trade for the electric mayhem plush beanie set from sabbada. Thanks Dj lew
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    Hey Buck-Beaver I have been trying to contact you, but the system won't let me email or pm you. Anyway Hi, my name is Derek, I used to be involved with animation but am trying to do the crossover into Puppetry. I recently did a two day course with Rob Mills at Radical Sheep and am looking...
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    Variant Zoot or Floyd for trade for..........

    Hello I can have access to a Floyd Variant or Zoot Variant, I would trade any one of these figures for either Invisible Spray Fozzie, invisible beaker, vanishing cream beaker, or all of the Mc Donalds Happy meal muppet beanies, or Muppet dvd's( make an offer) email me if intrested Dj...
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    Could get a variant Zoot or Floyd

    Hello, I have access to getting a Zoot or Floyd variant, I would trade either of these figures for invisible fozzie or invisible beaker or vc beaker. Email me if intrested. Dj lew
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    anyone need zoot repaint (Toronto)

    Hello I got one extra rare repaint variant Zoot!!!! Willing to sell or trade, just contact me. Dj LeW
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    Fiery Doll, Labyrinth

    Wnted a Fiery doll from , Labyrinth:D
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    Jim Henson wannabe looking 4 Frank Oz

    :) Hello I want to start doing puppetry in Toronto Canada and am looking for someone motivated and who loves the muppets to colaborate with. A Frank Oz to a Jim Henson, I have some ideas and am open to anything please either email me or post your email or ideas. Can you Picture...
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    Muppets Inside PC Game

    Hey!!! Does anyone know where I can find the Muppets inside PC game? It would also help if they knew in Canada where to get it. Thanks!!! !:eek:
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    kermit slippers in Canada?

    Does anyone know where I can find some Kermit slippers in Canada perhaps Toroto? This is my first posting ( in kermit hysteria voice YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!) Thanks