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  1. uncle deadly333

    What would your Muppet plush line be?

    Hey MC,what would be your plush line of muppets? Here's mine= Wave 1: Kermit Miss Piggy Gonzo Fozzie Wave 2: Walter Constantine Scooter Rowlf Wave 3: Animal Chef Rizzo Dr.Teeth Wave 4: Floyd Pepper Bunsen Beaker Waldorf Wave 5: Statler Janice Pepe Sam the eagle Wave 6: Zoot Robin Lips Uncle...
  2. uncle deadly333

    I'M BACK

    Hey people im back on MC Forum (Not that anyone cares).I just took a break from MC for no reason.So IM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. uncle deadly333

    The Muppets go on holiday!

    One day the Muppets were bored and were thinking of what to do,then Gonzo came up with the idea."Guys,we can go on holiday"Kermit and the gang all agreed that the Muppets are going on holiday. They hopped in a truck that Dr.Teeth rented for their concert . Kermit said it is going to be a long...
  4. uncle deadly333

    What would your figure line be?

    Mine would be Series 1: kermit fozzie miss piggy gonzo Still working on series 2 got loads of ideas
  5. uncle deadly333

    Muppets go to school

    This is my first fan fiction if its bad sorry. Its about muppets going to school and there adventures but the teachers are watching what will they do? Chapter 1 It was Kermits first day at school he was shy. He thought that the teachers were quite weird as he walked down a masive corridor...
  6. uncle deadly333

    moshi monsters

    hi im a moshi monster fan and a muppet fan but im going to talk about moshi monsters and some codes for moshi monsters i know about one or two one is Blingolingo