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  1. Chopped Liver

    Listen to these Sesame Street Remixes!

    I found 3 remix tracks by Youtuber and remix artist Pogo. He used the sounds from Sesame Street (1969-1979) and wow, nicely done, Pogo! You should really give these a listen: Grover Groove Muppet Mash Kermit Clouds Another Youtuber by the name of Jeesh did his own cover of Muppet Mash...
  2. Chopped Liver

    Wilson and Ditch: Digging America

    I've noticed that no one really talked about this, so I decided to bring it up. I heard about this webseries a few years ago, and I recently checked out its site on (believe me, that was not an easy task) and...hmm..I don't know what to say about it. I guess it is educational since...
  3. Chopped Liver

    Did Dinosaurs get removed from Netflix?

    I tried looking for it on the Netflix app for 3DS but it didn't show up. Did it get taken off because it's going to the Henson TV channel on Youtube?