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    Former Sesame Street kid on Jeopardy!

    This past Wednesday’s Jeopardy episode featured a contestant named Emma Shirato Almon who apparently appeared as a small child on Sesame Street. I wonder if there’s any way of finding out which episodes she appeared on?
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    Was Kermit the Frog ever on Rated K: For Kids?

    I posted about this in the "Old Nickelodeon" thread, but I've decided to make this its own thread to see if I come through with anything. If what I claim isn't true, then I'll remove it. There was a show that ran on Nickelodeon during the late 1980s called Rated K: For Kids By Kids, where kids...
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    The Great Muppet Caper original theatrical trailer (1981)

    Well, it appears that after nearly four decades, the original theatrical trailer for The Great Muppet Caper has finally resurfaced. I've always wanted to see the original theatrical trailer, but it until recently, it was nowhere to be found (with the exception of a 30 second TV spot). I'm...
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    Muppet Show Disney+ disclaimers under criticism while fans thankful for series

    For anyone that has not noticed, right-wing media has been going berserk over the content disclaimers for the Disney+ release of The Muppet Show. FOX News did a segment talking with Arkansas senator, Tom Cotton, about the matter where rather than explaining about why they felt these disclaimers...
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    What songs do you think will get cut from the Disney+ release of the Muppet Show?

    As exciting as The Muppet Show being released to Disney+ is, I dread of how many songs are going to get cut. My predictions of which songs will be cut will probably be Do Wah Diddy, some Beatles' songs, and whatever did not end up on the DVD releases.
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    "Major and important" Muppet announcement coming soon

    There appears to be a major Muppet announcement coming soon according to their latest social media posts. I don't want to get my hopes up, but it better be the thing all of us have wanted to see since the creation of a certain family-branded streaming service.
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    Disney should just sell back the muppets to the Henson compony

    I think someone here put it best: it wouldn’t be any different of a situation if it were in the hands of any other company. The fact is, the public has lost interest in the Muppets. Many simply view it as a relic of the past. Those who were fans back in its heyday have given up on the Muppets...
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    Sesame Street at the Norman Rockwell Museum

    Not sure if that has been discussed yet here or not, but artifacts from Sesame Street are on display at the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, MA, as part of their exhibit on the year 1969. I got a chance to see it today, and it’s an incredible exhibit. They have displays of original...
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    The “help me remember a thing from my childhood” thread

    Now, I don’t know if this kind of thread has been made already, but I wanted to create this for anyone that is trying to remember a thing from their childhood, whether it be a show, game, book, or any other product that they might have encountered during their youth, Muppet-related or not. With...
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    Ask me anything

    I don't know how many of you are really that interested in my life, but if by chance you are, feel free to ask me anything that your heart desires. (some restrictions may apply)
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    April Fools: I would like to request for specific rare Sesame Street episodes

    APRIL FOOLS!!! You didn’t think I would actually go there, did you?
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    That time I ran into Frank Oz

    Hey everyone, I'm still kind of newbie at this point. For the few of you who have read my posts thus far, you are probably are curious as to how I got lucky enough to actually meet Frank Oz. Well, it was sheer coincidence that it got to happen in the first place. Allow me to explain: Way back in...