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    Some advice from you wonderful people please!

    I thought to myself - where should I go for some puppetry related advice and the answer came to me - those knowledgeable and friendly folks at the Muppetcentral forum (phew...crawling over!!!!) I recently read a very interesting and informative thread here about Arm Rods and someone talked...
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    Uk Suppliers?

    Yeah, it isn't easy to find the stuff you need here in the UK!! I have never had any luck finding Antron Fleece but have found Foam Board in several places. You can get small A4 sheets from Office World, or larger sheets from Hobby Craft. It is also sometimes found with artists supplies...
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    **EXCLUSIVE** Kermit on Ant and Dec (UK TV) Pictures Now Online!

    They sang 'Everybody' as a sort of Series Finale!
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    **EXCLUSIVE** Kermit on Ant and Dec (UK TV) Pictures Now Online!

    Hi Guys! Yes, especially for all of you that missed it - here are some pictures I grabbed from Kermit's Appearance on 'Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway'. Be warned though - it is hosted by GeoCities, so it means I have limited bandwidth -...
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    Suprise Live Kermit Appearance on UK TV

    I thought it was great - and a total surprise! And what else was great? The huge reaction Kermit got from the audience when revealed - I can't think of many other 'childrens' characters that would get such a reaction! Shows there is still a lot of love for the muppets! Guy!
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    Interesting response from HMV re. Fraggle Rock

    Hi everyone - haven't been logged into the board for absolutely *ages*, although I have been lurking and reading! Here in the UK we got a video box set of The Muppet Show and then more recently the same thing on DVD - as an HMV exclusive product (do you have hmv in the us?). Anyway, I...
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    Mahna Mahna on DVD

    I wonder how many people who read this tried singing it out loud?!? LOL, I know I did! Guy!
  8. GuySmiley

    New Fraggle Dolls coming from Sababa in 2004

    Maybe they know something we don't about possible DVD releases!!! We can but hope! Guy!
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    Help me find the priceless Kermit/Jim Henson mirror picture!

    I think I know the one you mean - if its the one in 'The Works'. Because I'm such a nice guy I've uploaded it for you - heres a link. But be quick - it'll only be up for a new days (today is Thursday) before I take it down again. Have fun...
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    Ron Lucas ventriloquist

    Yeah - I use to love Ron Lucas when he was on UK TV. I seem to remember a show called something like 'The Hippodrome Show' which was a sort of variety show with special guests etc. It was really good. I'd like to see some of his work again...
  11. GuySmiley

    Greek Myths on UKTV this week

    Warrick, Which is interesting as they were supposed to have added loads of mechanisms to make him better for the Greek Myths! Guy!
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    Muppets from Space Cameos

    Now that's a cool site - I think I had spotted most of the ones metioned there - still fun to see though. Just one thing - was Kathy Mullen working for Henson at the time of the Muppet Movie. In one of the fairground scenes - there is a woman carrying a chicken and I always thought it looked...
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    Greek Myths on UKTV this week

    Warrick, Monday's was Daedalus and Icarus - starring Derek Jacobi as Daedalus, which was pretty good. Not much in the way of creature shop stuff either but a good show. The last two should be pretty good - 'Theseus and the Minotaur' and 'Perseus and the Gorgon' which feature creature shop...
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    Muppets from Space Cameos

    Hey there! I was just watching MFS the other day and thought I would watch to see if there were any hidden references in there for us crackpot fans. So, I'm watching the bit where the spaceship lands and as its coming down there is this crane shot that flies over the crowd as they all look...
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    Labyrinth in Top 20 Children's Films

    Labyrinth in Top20 Childrens Films Labyrinth, the Jim Henson fantasy film starring David Bowie, has made its way into the top 20 childrens films. In a poll reported by UK magazine 'The Mirror' Labyrinth came in at number 15 - with the first place being taken by 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang'...
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    Greek Myths on UKTV this week

    Just browsing through my listing guide and see that the Greek Myths are on this week at 12.35pm on BBC2 on Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri. Strangely, halfway through the week it is listed as The Storyteller - anyone able to shed any light on what we should actually expect to see this week? I...
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    The Muppet Show Commercials

    I am pretty sure that I read somewhere (probably Of Muppets and Men) that Jim and Frank used to record these promos in spare minutes during filming - completely improvised and unrehearsed and were often some of the funniest moments they recorded together. Hey, these would make a great extra...
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    The Storyteller

    Hi Guys! Following on from another recent thread about buying the DVDs they arrived during last week and having only watched one (A Story Short) I have come to a brief conclusion.... BRILLIANT Warrick said I would love them and I do! Just thought I would share that thought with my...
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    Is MUPPET an insult in the US?

    Hmmm, very interesting! Yes, I think I might have been going a bit far - its not a serious insult here, but is used when someone has done something stupid. I can't imagine it being used during a pub fight!!!! Guy!
  20. GuySmiley

    Is MUPPET an insult in the US?

    Hi Guys! I was just wondering, because here in the UK MUPPET is used as an insult if someone does something stupid or thick as in 'You are such a muppet!' Just wondered if this happened across the pond as well!? Cheers, Guy!