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  1. Muzzarino

    Sugar Fright event on Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Seige

    Before halloween, Ubisoft developed some FPS shooting whatnots for the event where they need to collect candies from the bodies in-order to win a match. Is this Muppet related like the skins created for Little Big Planet or something?
  2. Muzzarino

    Muppet Time sketches on YouTube

    Does anyone have any Muppet Time sketches that aren't uploaded to YouTube like the Anything song with Miltion and Do Re Mi Monster (a.k.a Tug Monster) and the Extremes sketches?
  3. Muzzarino

    The long version of JHP or JHHE logos on Columbia Tristar home video releases

    What are some Columbia/Tristar VHS and DVD releases that use the long version of the Jim Henson Home Entertainment or Productions (which is known to have it) where it had the sequence starting with the laser drawing Kermit and the star buzzing around before sweeping the text onto the screen...
  4. Muzzarino

    Sesame Workshop Blu-rays

    I feel that SW never even released home videos on Blu-ray like Elmo's Alphabet Challenge, The Cookie Thief and so on like they should have in-order for them to be seen in clear HD quality off-line. It would be nice to convince them to start producing them and for Elmo in Grouchland to get a...
  5. Muzzarino

    Regarding the sketch promo for Sesame Amigos

    For that sketch on "Elmo has a problem and Vadhir Derbez helps you solve Sesame Friends", there's something weird there and the puppeteirs modified "Sorbet" with blue hair above his eyes and used a magenta nose instead of the usual light turquoise. He looks almost like the AM Monster named...
  6. Muzzarino

    Question about the yellow monster for the Rainbow show episode

    I was wondering if the yellow monster between Sorbet and the green monster is a young/child version of Colonel Mustard in that episode called "The Rainbow Show". I know the adult version appears on "The Furchester Hotel" which is technically not the same size as this and the adult one.