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  1. Quesal


    Hey All! Do you love Puppetry? Live in the Chicago area? The Chicagoland Puppetry Guild presents The National Day of Puppetry Celebration on Saturday April 16th, 2011. This festival of puppetry will happen at The Irish American Heritage Center at 4626 N. Knox in Chicago, IL. You can get...
  2. Quesal

    Guy Smiley Bean Bag Plush for sale (or giveaway)

    Ok so I finally found a friend to give my Guy Smiley doll to and now I can;t seem to find out how to delete this thread...can u administrators help me out?
  3. Quesal


    Hey Gang, Just thought I'd share with you all that I'm going to a convention known as Anime Central (ACen) in Rosemont, IL and will be there from May 15th until May 18th. I'm going with a possy of friends who, like me, are not only fans of TV from the Japanese culture, but a few of them are...
  4. Quesal

    If Jim hadn't died in 1990

    Hey Gang! I just thought of somethng so...well...I can't really think of the word for it, but here goes. Has anyone ever stopped and wondered how different the Muppets' world would be if Jim hadn't died in 1990? Would Christmas Carol or Treasure Island have been made? Would Muppets Tonight...
  5. Quesal

    Octopus' Garden

    After seeing this song performed first on The Muppet Show and then on the DVD, "Muppets Magic from The Ed Sullivan Show," I recorded a rendition of Octopus' Garden and just this evening made a video of it with my two buddies, Sid Snail and The Scallop...
  6. Quesal

    Favorite Musician Muppet

    Alright! I'm new to this forum posting stuff, so here I go with starting some conversation! Rowlf, The Electric Mayhem, Solid Foam, The Minstrels and all other Muppet musicians make me feel good with their music. Who's your favorite Muppet musician and why?