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  1. Bannanasketch

    Netflix will become Exclusive Streamer of Disney films What do you think? I'm really excited for this and I'm excited to see some classics up for streaming!
  2. Bannanasketch

    Dinosaurs now on Netflix!

    I know what I'm watching today...
  3. Bannanasketch

    Request to Moderators

    Moderators, When you delete or edit posts, could you please let the user know that you did so and provide a short explanation as to why you did so. This would be greatly appreciated. It would also b of appreciation, if you let the user know of any changes, including thread title changes...
  4. Bannanasketch

    Politics on MC

    I feel like this is something that should be addressed. I've found many times that tensions can run high when politics are brought into the discussion. Sometimes, I've gotten into full arguments with a certain member where moderators had to step in. Since then, I've been added to said member...
  5. Bannanasketch

    Q and A with the Cast of The Muppets

    Relevant Magazine recently say down with Jason Segel, Amy Adams, Kermit the Frog,Miss Piggy, and Walter to discuss the new movie.
  6. Bannanasketch

    "The Muppets": Bloopers and Outtakes

    I don't know when this was shown on TV but I found it on YouTube so here ya go!
  7. Bannanasketch

    "Five Favorite Films with Kermit the Frog (and Miss Piggy Too!)" on Rotten Tomatoes Dang it, they spelled Fozzie wrong! sorry, just nitpicky...
  8. Bannanasketch

    Tonight's the Night!

    Tonight's the night! This will be my first time ever seeing a Muppets movie on the big screen! This will be a night to remember for all Muppet fans going to midnight screenings. I absolutely cannot wait for this experience! I may explode from all this Muppet Domination! What do you think about...
  9. Bannanasketch

    Elmo on the Early Show

    I just saw Elmo make an appearance on the Early Show. He was talking about staying healthy. Also, it seems like Elmo doesn't get enough sleep. It was a pretty good appearance.
  10. Bannanasketch

    The Midwest Muppet Vault Christmas Festival

    Yes, the muppet vault is finally coming to the midwest! I'll probably be there, will you? : Will I see some of you there, Muppet central? :)
  11. Bannanasketch

    Any LOST fans?

    With the final season of one of my favorite shows, LOST, coming up, I was wondering if there's any LOST fans here on Muppet Central. Here in this thread we can talk about all things LOST. :)
  12. Bannanasketch

    The CHRISTMAS on Muppet Central Forum thread

    This thread is all for Christmas. This thread can be used as a gathering place for members to come together and discuss Christmas traditions. You can also discuss Christmas specials, christmas music, and more! It's all about Christmas! together we can spread Christmas cheer! :) MERRY...
  13. Bannanasketch

    Muppets to appear on DWTS finale!

    The muppets are appearing on the Dancing with the Stars finale tonight at 9:00 pm EST. Post here with your thoughts on the appearance. I know I'll be watching. :):):)