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  1. Bridget

    Happy Birthday Janice+Floyd<3

    I hope you make it a wonderful birthday! Make a wish and blow out the candles! *Leaves an Electric Mayhem cake*
  2. Bridget

    Your Favorite Miss Piggy Outfits?

    I was just wondering to myself the other day; do any of you have favorite Miss Piggy outfits that really caught your eye? My favorite outfits seen from her theatrical films/specials go as followed. The Muppet Movie To be completely honest, here, she didn't really wear any astonishingly...
  3. Bridget

    Janice's Journey To The Mayhem

    So, by simply re-watching classic Muppet movies, I finally realized and decided my deep love for Janice's character. I wanted to make a fan-fiction about how she came to be the lead guitarist we all know and love, and of course how her relationship with Floyd kicked off. I really hope that you...
  4. Bridget

    Muppet Fan Art

    Bonjour everyone! So, I guess lately for some odd unapparent reason, I have took an interest in drawing... crazy right? Well anyways, I honestly did not feel as if my art was good or anything, but since you are all the closest Muppet fans that I have, I was wondering if you would not mind giving...
  5. Bridget

    A Collection of Muppet One-Shots

    Bonjour everyone, Bridget here. I had it in my mind a while ago that I wanted to try to do a one-shot, just to see how it goes. I figured that it would be fun every now and then to do a story where it doesn't necessarily have to be continuous. This is my very first Muppet One-Shot, and I wanted...
  6. Bridget

    Disney Cameos

    I am not completely sure if we already had a thread like this, so I created one! Have you ever watched a Disney movie and noticed a short, or hidden cameo from a character of another Disney movie? I have noticed quite a few, and was curious to which ones you have seen. I've caught: - A Finding...
  7. Bridget

    My Froggy/Groovy Valentine

    Hello everyone, Bridget here! It has been a pretty long time since my last fan-fic, but I had gotten inspiration about a day ago to do a little Valentine's Day story! I have only written the prologue so far, and I am not sure if it is good, but please give me feedback! Without giving too much...
  8. Bridget

    Ernie's Birthday

    I am not sure if it would be exceptional to count Ernie's said birthday to be official, BUT if so, Ernie's birthday would be January 28th! Ernie has definitely been one of my favorite classic Sesame Street characters from the beginning, and deserves some birthday wishes! Here's to many years of...
  9. Bridget

    The Broadway Thread

    Hello everyone. For those who may or may not know already, I am a Broadway finatic! I would have to say that it is definitely my second extreme obsession after The Muppets! I absolutely adore acting, singing, dancing, and whenever our family can fit it into our busy schedule, we try our best to...
  10. Bridget

    Abby Cadabby

    Hello there everyone, I hope the day has been wonderful. I have been meaning to create this thread for the longest in reference to the latest new Muppet of Sesame Street, Abby Caddaby. Believe it or not, I have a strong love for our new flying girl of energy, who made her debut in the 37th...
  11. Bridget

    Who's your favorite Disney princess?

    Afternoon everyone, hope your week has been decent so far. So it's been on my mind for a while to make this thread about one of Walt Disney's most treasured and beloved group of heroines; the Disney Princesses. I know it's more on the feminine side, but I really wanted some responses here. A lot...
  12. Bridget

    The: "My Bad Habits" Thread

    I'm pretty sure that all of us at least once in our lives, and even to this present day have experienced and practised bad habits! From smacking on that gum too loud and mowing our nails down to the last bit of white, they get us all the time. So, what are some of those bad habits you feel that...
  13. Bridget

    The Return of Annie Sue (Part I)

    Hello everyone, I was working on a fanfic recently and I wasn't sure at first if I should post it or not. But I decided that I'll never know if I should go forward with it, if I don't get input and advice from my Muppet friends. The story is based off of Annie Sue, (Piggy's female rivalry), who...
  14. Bridget

    Happy Birthday FrackleFan2012!

    Hey Frackle, I wasn't sure if this was a thread already but- oh well! Anyways Happy Birthday, dearest friend! You must be extremely excited for your special day! Thanks for always being kind, helpful, and an awesome companion, and I wish for all your wishes to come true! Eat Lots Of Cake...
  15. Bridget

    Muppet Songs And Poetry

    Hey everyone, hope you've all had a glittery day! Anyways, I cannot put into words how fond I am of writing, and how much I enjoy it! Ever since I was young I've just had a sincere passion for writing stories, poems, songs, and all of the above. However, I find that poetry is something that...
  16. Bridget

    Post Your Birthstones and Signs!

    Hello everyone, I hope you've had a glittery week! I thought I would be cool to post our birthstones and signs, and all that cool stuff. So here's mines! (That I'm not a huge fan of.): I was born August 9th so my birthstone is a peridot, which is green. My least favorite color, but oh well...
  17. Bridget

    Which Is Scarier?

    Hello everyone! I hope your day has been going well! I forgot where I heard this question exactly, but I thought that I'd share it with my "Muppet Buddies!" Which is scarier? A sworn of bees flying after you, OR bees going extinct one day. I don't know why, but it really had me thinking. Ever...
  18. Bridget

    To All You 3DS Owners!

    Hey you guys! I recieved a Pearl Pink 3ds on my birthday last year, and I really enjoy it! I especially love, love, love, the StreetPass, Spotpass, and Friend features. So just out of curiosity, who else of you Muppet Lovers own one? If you do, I'd really appreciate it if you'd leave your Friend...
  19. Bridget

    A Must See Puppy Video!

    I know it's a little short but it's SOOOO cute!
  20. Bridget

    The "Who Has An Accent?" Thread

    I was just wondering if anybody spoke with little or heavy accent. My best friend pointed out to me that I have a strong "New York" type of accent, and now I feel kind of weird! I went home to ask my parents if that was true and sure enough they agreed! I'm really paranoid now... I mean- I say...