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    3D Printing Rubber Puppet Parts

    Hello everyone. A long while ago, I stumbled upon using 3D printing for puppets and thought it was cool. Just a few days ago, I was messing around and saw that you could print a material that was like latex. I immediately thought "Why not a puppet head?" Then I remembered that most oddly shaped...
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    Something cool for latex puppet makers

    I asked Monster Makers ( if the instructions in their latex mask making book can be applied to making latex puppets. They said yes, but that wasn't the only reason I wanted to post this: I already figured the book could be used for puppets, but the news about the hand...
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    Latex Hand Puppet Building resources?

    Hello. I like learning about building latex hand puppets, but when I look for links about them, I either finds stores or stuff about stop motion puppets. Would anyone know some good links. Thank you very much. :mad:
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    Some potential news about Of Muppets and Men on the last two sets

    I emailed Disney to ask if they're going to include the documentry Of Muppets and Men. Here's what I got: Me: I love the season box sets of the Muppet Show you're releasing. I just have one question. In 1981, a documentary was released that gave a behind the scenes look at the Muppet Show...
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    How do you prefer to make puppets- latex puppets from a mold or making a foam puppet

    I was just wondering what people on the forum prefered. I would think latex, since you can do anyhting with clay. I'm just curious.
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    When did Miss Piggy go from carved foam to foam latex?

    I know she became a latex puppet in time for The Great Muppet Caper, but I swear I read in an interview with Tom McLaughlin (the guy who figured out how to make foam latex work for hand puppets) he made it sound like Miss Piggy became a foam latex puppet during the show. If anyone knows,thanks...