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  1. MrMuppet93

    The "Bein' Green" Ford Escape Hybrid Super Bowl XL Ad- a lookback

    This is one of the most effective Muppet ads next to collecting 50 state quarters in 1999. (I was the Steve generation, Jim was gone 3 years before I was born and the 50 state quarters ad was just talking about the quarters being in circulation, but still) However, unlike my quarter hobby the...
  2. MrMuppet93


    Ok, I like and respect Sesame Street. But I am out of touch with today's kids. Though I've been sometimes careless with the internet, I've been careful NEVER to use TikTok (yeah ha ha Trump hoo-hoo). I use Instagram and YouTube. Is it because CTW picks internet stars that won't be relevant 8...
  3. MrMuppet93

    update on me

    I was having pneumonia a tiny bit similar to Jim, due to Covid-19. I still have to be quarrintined even though I'm much better and not contagioua, though I have been taking trips to places, like spending Christmas with the family. I was once cool about it, but I am losing my mind about a...
  4. MrMuppet93

    Prints of "The Great Muppet Caper" have gone red!

    Since Technicolor closed up shop for theatrical prints and LPP wasn't invented yet, a Muppets classic have their unstable dye-couplers eaten and now it doesn't look like the home media releases any more making Jim up there shed a tear that a film he rushed to make has Thankfully...
  5. MrMuppet93

    Message from MrMuppet93

    Sorry I haven't on the boards in a while I was diagonsed with a phemounia like Jim had that took his own life, though not the worst (and it wasn't strep). Without getting into too much detail, I could barely eat or drink, and I was having issues. I have fluids now and will soon get groceries...
  6. MrMuppet93

    Happy 50th, PBS!

    On November 3rd 1969 due to pressure from Nixon Administration CPB, four public broadcasters formed the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) to interconnect and distribute programming throughout the land. And television was never the same again, becoming a household name during the 70s. Sesame...
  7. MrMuppet93

    The OTHER 50th November Anniversary for Sesame Street fans...

    November 10th maybe the 50th Anniversary of Sesame Street, but a handful Sesame Street fans have often ignored (due to it's whitewashed political history that was have shown SOME OF, like Mister Rogers' summer testimonial before the founding) and it's confusing history since it has THREE...
  8. MrMuppet93

    Idea for 90s Sesame Street spinoff- Ann Arbor

    I always thought it was a friendly town to live from birth-5, it felt like a mix of Sesame Street and especially Richard Scarry's Busytown. It was diverse, had clean river had a city bus line (not to mention Greyhound and Amtrak stops), had a college with one of the biggest football stadiums...
  9. MrMuppet93

    Two VRChat Kermits talk about their experiences with bullying (has an ambition to Muppet Perform)

    This tear-jerking conversation between two VRChat Kermit the Frogs about one boy's struggles with bullying (his Kermit avatar is because Kermit is his favorite Muppet and likes puppetry, may want to someday Muppet perform).
  10. MrMuppet93

    For those who think McDonalds sponsoring Sesame Street is unusual

    For those of you who think Sesame Street being sponsored by McDonald's is sacrilege--- Here is an OLDER PBS program sponsored by McDonald's (this is the original show not the reboot):
  11. MrMuppet93

    Looking for the name of a Big Bird My Sesame Street Home Video

    I vaguely remember a My Sesame Street Home Video from the 80s (it was reprinted in the early-mid 90s) where Big Bird was teaching about something (probably signs). It had this segment during a break: Since we all miss Caroll as Big Bird, this is my fondest memory of Big Bird (next to Big...
  12. MrMuppet93

    Avenue Q- a great spoof? (SPOILER-FREE)

    A person I know of mine is probably going to see the ultimate Sesame Street homage that is a Broadway play as one of the many for his drama club field trip to NY. I heard ex-SW crew worked on the original run and SW allowed this spoof reluctantly (you can tell me the full story), and I know...
  13. MrMuppet93

    Who doesn't like the new SW logo?

    Who doesn't like the new Sesame Workshop logo and misses the older ones and the CTW ones? I mean, the CLG wiki calls it a boring logo. When I saw it, shocked me and shows everything wrong with 2000s and 2010s. Let's hope they don't plaster classic Sesame productions with this logo. I know...
  14. MrMuppet93

    Elmo's World question (Birthday episode)

    When Elmo watches "The Birthday Channel", the story ends with the "going back home to Ypsilanti". Do they mean Ypsilanti, Michigan?
  15. MrMuppet93

    Jim Henson biopic?

    I just dreamt about a Jim Henson biopic. The dream felt like a made-for-TV movie, the cast was too diverse and extra P.C., and it felt like it was focusing on Domino's Pizza's Tom Mongnoham rather than the Muppets and Jim Henson. It starts out as Jim's son and that son's kids, as Jim hugs his...
  16. MrMuppet93

    Bad dream about Caroll Spinney

    In one of my dreams, I had a nightmare that Caroll died. No I didn't witness what happened, I just read news articles and Caroll's unfortunate "passing". It's probably because of Mr. Hooper and especially because he and Jim looked alike.
  17. MrMuppet93

    Should the original "Star Wars" trilogy air on ABC this holiday season?

    Here's what I asked on another forum....... Families can sit down in front of the TV set to see the "Star Wars" trilogy on ABC.....could it happen, even if it is a Special Edition? Maybe they can take the Laserdisc 2k scan of the original versions to fit HD screens? It would make a great...
  18. MrMuppet93

    Universal originally released "Great Muppet Caper"? Wow!

    While looking for a good film on traditional film stock on eBay (I have 4 16 mm cartoons, and a Famous Studios Popeye in 35 mm), I stumbled across a print that had the Universal logo at the head, but it was faded to orange since it was an Eastmancolor print rather than Tech or LPP and felt bad...
  19. MrMuppet93

    Where's Susan?

    Did Dr. Long quit like the some of the other human cast members did? Or is she going to reappear on HBO?
  20. MrMuppet93

    I'm a Bookworm Baby- resemblance to the Supremes?

    I've been pondering if these bookworms are based on the Supremes judging by the wigs, the Motown like music (complete with a melody that sounds like something Holland-Doizer-Holland wrote with the Funk Brothers) backups resembling Mary and Flo (with the Andantes added). I mean, yeah there are...