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    i feel like ive been doing something wrong

    i might be putting the felt over the foam the wrong way. what i do is i build the head with the foam, then i take felt and i glue it on. i feel like my method is wrong because the puppet always end up looking reaaaaally crappy. when looking at other puppets, it looks like theres no seems in the...
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    A website where I can host videos

    does anyone know a website where i can host .wmv movies?
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    whatd you get for christmas?

    heyyy what'd everyone get for christmas? i got - a leather jacket KISS motion lamp sex pistols poster sex pistols t-shirt cartman t-shirt Kids In The Hall 2nd Season DVD A GAME CUBE!!! Super Smash Brothers Melee and America The Book by Jon Stewart
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    but the only way for you to see it is over AIM. so either post you're screen name here or IM me, my screen name is IsItSafe999
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    but the only way for you to see it is over AIM. so either post you're screen name here or IM me, my screen name is IsItSafe999
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    sesame street ref on Shorties Watchin' Shorties?

    who saw that? Baby Patrice and Baby Nick have a fantasy what'd be like on Sissy My Street (based on sesame street). they end up beating up Elmer (based on elmo). even though it made fun of sesame street, it was the funniest thing i'd ever seen, and at least elmo is a character that i think...
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    The Thanksgiving Menu

    i got thinking...imagine a muppet version of the CRUCIBLE! kermit as proctor, piggy as elizabeth, fozzy bear as giles, gonzo as francis nurse, sam as reverend parris, bunsen and beaker as hathorne and danforth. it'd be so COOL!
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    Under The Umbrella Tree Dvd very good news
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    Picture of Hooper's Store

    i need a picture of the outside of hooper's store (for my sesame clerks sketch)
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    Ernie, Betty Lou, and Blue AM Replicas (so far)

    hey. as some of you may know, im planning on making a mock-movie trailer for a sesame street version of Clerks. some of the puppets so far are on here (ernie, betty lou, and blue AM) im gonna start working on bert when i get more foam...
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    Paul needs help!

    well, to put my puppet building skills into 2 words - "i suck" only good at making animal puppets. and there are some sesame street characters i need help on. u know how i was talking about a Muppet Show or Sesame Street version of Clerks? well i plan on recording a trailer (same as the...
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    3 new puppets theyre in the first 3 pix there. the first one, solomon shlockvoksy, i only have the head done. its really hard to make a human body. as u can see, im better at makin animals
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    I bought "Put Down the Duckie"

    i got to see the animal orchestra, which i havent seen in years. my life is almost complete (i still have to see Spaceship Surprise again, and some other skits) :)
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    Why is the Sesame Encyclopedia not always available?

    if its not working, i will not be able to finish a project thats due tomorrow
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    What TV characters remind you of Muppets?

    HEY PEOPLE. It's time to compare Muppets to certain tv show characters. I'll start with my 2 favorite tv shows. make additions or editions if u want. SOUTH PARK: Kermit - Stan Oscar - Cartman (oh and cartman has a pet named fluffy too, except its a pig) Beaker - Kenny Robin - Kyle..i...
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    Sesame Street in the Cafeteria

    man...i remember at school, it was halloween and i was at school dressed as Angus Young. it was a pretty killer costume! i even had a hat that said AC/DC on it, and there were devil horns stickin out. anyhoo, it was during break in the cafeteria and for some odd reason, the tv was in there, and...
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    I have an announcement

    as u can all see, i changed my hammer and sickle avatar. i feel like it was probably the most controversial avatar muppet central has had. and the only reason i changed it is cuz i'm not a commie fact im nothing really, all i know is that bush is an idiot and i believe in freedom and...
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    I saw Plaza Sesamo for the first time

    well i guess the last 10 minutes of it. it showed this sketch with grover, it sounded funny with the dubs. he was in a cabin and these anything muppets came in and ate this food and this bear eventually came in too. and one of the anything muppets looked like guy smiley with no eyes, just eye...
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    Professor Iris

    whos familiar with this show? one of the characters (a flower) is played by the same person who plays Basil the Polar Bear from Canada's Sesame Park. who knows this shiz-ow? its off the heezy fo cheezy
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    The Warped Tour

    I was at Warped and i had buckets of fun. i went moshing at the Mad Caddies stage, it was nuts and i got a fat lip, it was bleeding and * but i still had a ball. sooner or later i saw Andrew WK, it rocked. he was rockin out on stage. the suicide machines rocked too, i was skanking my * off to...