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  1. los

    That time Harry tried to join the Electric ⚡️ Mayhem
  2. los

    In search of loose Palisades Muppets

    Show me what you got for sale. Looking for loose Muppets and play sets.
  3. los

    ISO Palisades Muppet kitchen

    Anybody have a kitchen play set for sale. Does not need to be complete
  4. los

    Is there any truth to this??

    I don't remember Palisades being entirely gone so I don't get how they're "back".
  5. los

    Palisades silver Lips on card for sale

    Palisades silver Lips on card for sale. I can email pics. [/URL][/IMG]
  6. los

    Want to buy Electric Mayhem figures

    Want to buy Palisades Electric Mayhem Figures. Broken and incomplete figures welcome.
  7. los

    iPhone problems with YouTube video

    I am having trouble displaying pages whenever a YouTube video is embedded. The screen turns all black and sometimes plays the video automatically.
  8. los

    Muppet doodles

    My first doodle of Janice in Bruce Lee inspired leather jumpsuit ala Beatrix
  9. los

    Daughter's impromptu puppet performance

    My family and I went to a Dia de Los Muertos event downtown San Antonio on Saturday. There was a procession organized by with their signature giant puppets. My daughter was having her picture taken with the group and was ultimately invited to be part of the official...
  10. los

    Which Beatle is Floyd Pepper supposed to be?

    I know Floyd's last name and iconic jacket are influenced by the Beatles; so is he more of a John, Paul, Ringo, George or none of the above?
  11. los

    Is Sweetums out of scale?

    Is the Palisades Sweetums out of scale compared to the other Palisades toys? I don't have him but seen pics of him towering over some WWE figures.
  12. los

    Muppet Bday

    Made some birthday gift bags for my son's 2nd Birthday. The pic is the only one I got that shows most if them.
  13. los

    Public access stations

    Is it possible to run The Muppet Show on public access tv without needing permission from Disney?
  14. los

    FS: Palisades Muppets Figures

    For Sale $ 180 MOC Lips $ 50 Swedish Chef w/ kitchen $ 50 Muppet Lab w/ Bunsen, Beaker & Phil $ 20 MOC Harry $ 15 loose Message me for individual pics
  15. los

    Is Floyd a leftie?

    Is Floyd a leftie? He's got that Commie looking hat? KIDDING :D I meant if he is right or left handed. The pics in Google are 50/50. I know most all muppets are lefties due to the puppeteers being righties but I was looking at the Palisades figure and it is a righty too?!? They put so much...
  16. los

    Wanted: Bernice and Camilla

    Wanted loose Bernice & Camilla; With or without Gonzo. Bernice is priority. If anybody has the brown or grey chickens too that would be awesome.
  17. los

    Palisades Muppets for sale

    Up for sale All prices negotiable, message me for offers. $ 225 MOC Lips $ 70 var Zoot $ 70 EM stage (damaged) w/Animal $ 70 Swedish Chef w/ kitchen $ 70 Muppet Lab w/ Bunsen, Beaker & Phil $ 50 MOC var Floyd $ 25 MOC Harry $ 20 loose Muppets (Lobster Banditos sold as set, MAMMA individual)...
  18. los

    Hate Jessie

    This has to be by far the worst show on Disney Channel ever. My daughter has gotten so many bad habits from this show. It is unfortunate that it is on heavy rotation.
  19. los

    Loose Muppets for Sale or Trade

    For sale or trade. Got these in a loose lot so they are less than mint and probably not complete. What you see is what you get. PM me if interested.
  20. los

    Palisades Lips: Which is best?

    Taking the plunge and going to splurge on myself, early Christmas gift. Which is the official Lips and which is least prone to tacky paint? If both answers are the same, I'm set. Next is where to purchase.