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  1. vic


    Muppets Backstage Collection for sale:
  2. vic

    The Making of My Rowlf Replica Puppet

    Hi Everybody! I am in the beginning stages of making ROWLF and I thought I would document as I go along to get as much feedback and help as possible. There are some very talented folks out there that have already made him and came out awesome....yes Rgentry I am talking to you :) so I would...
  3. vic

    One of a Kind Kermit Oil Painting

    Hi I am selling this one of a kind Kermit Oil painting on stretched Canvas, accepting best offers.
  4. vic

    My Muppets

    Hi Gang! I wanted to post some shots of the muppets I am working on, all are undergoing some changes/upgrades to make them as close as possible to the real thing, some of you already saw Kermit in my previous thread but I will eventually update this thread with info on him also. I will start...
  5. vic

    My Kermit Muppet

    Hi everybody! Wanted to show you my Kermit puppet, lets see what you guys think.