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    Celebrities in the She Drives Me Crazy music video Over on Muppet Wiki, there are 7 more celebrities that need to be identified in the She Drives Me Crazy music video. Does anyone know who the rest of the celebrities are?
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    RIP Mike Renzi
  3. MikaelaMuppet

    RIP Charles Grodin For his Muppet appearances, he was lead villain Nicky Holiday in The Great Muppet Caper, guest star in The Muppets at Walt Disney World as another bumbling villain, Quentin Fitzwaller, the Walt Disney World security...
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    ‘Sesame Street: 50 Years of Sunny Days’ to introduce black Muppet family, examine show legacy It will be airing on Monday, April 26.
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    RIP Christopher Plummer
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    Dustin Diamond dead at 44
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    Cloris Leachman dead at 94
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    Larry King dead at 87
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    Joanne Rogers dead at 92
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    RIP: Howard Johnson On Sesame Street, he was best known for Jellyman Kelly:
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    Dawn Wells dead at 82
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    David Lander dead at 73
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    Cannot start a conversation

    I am trying to start a conversation with a member on here, but I'm getting a message saying Oops! We ran into some problems. You may not start a conversation with the following recipients.
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    ‘Tiny Toons’ Is Heading Back to ‘Looniversity’ With New Episodes on HBO Max and Cartoon Network
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    Eddie Van Halen Dead At 65
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    RIP Regis Philbin This is really sad news to read about.
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    Gernot Endemann dead at 77
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    Carl Reiner Dead at 98
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    RIP Pat Brymer
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    RIP Ian Holm