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  1. dwmckim

    CRUCIAL #RenewTheMuppets Task - please do ASAP!

    URGENT ‪#‎RENEWTHEMUPPETS‬ TASK! Absolutely CRUCIAL as many Muppet fans take part as soon as possible! Each year USA Today conducts a Save Our Show Survey where people can vote for shows that are on the bubble to be renewed. THEY DIDN'T EVEN GIVE MUPPET FANS THE CHANCE TO SUPPORT THE SHOW since...
  2. dwmckim

    RED ALERT! "The Muppets" fans need to contact ABC **NOW**!!

    In a major shake-up at ABC Network, President Paul Lee was ousted today. Lee was "The Muppets"' biggest supporter/advocate and his departure greatly increases the show's chances of cancellation. Muppet fans can't wait on this - if you want the show to be renewed, it's imperative to contact ABC...
  3. dwmckim

    Phoenix Arizonan needing ride to first local showing of Muppets Most Wanted

    Now that we're a month away i'm trying to get something worked out with someone somehow early since my experience last movie almost ruined the whole film for me. Just like with "The Muppets", i'm sure when "Muppets Most Wanted" comes out, there will be theatres doing a premiere showing at...
  4. dwmckim

    The triumphant return of One Life to Live & All My Children

    As many of you know, a lot of my energy over the last couple years has been involved with the fan campaign to rescue One Life to Live (bringing lots of my Henson fan experience gained from last decade's Save Farscape movement). For those who haven't heard, i'm pleased to announce that One Live...
  5. dwmckim

    After all these years - "BERT & ERNIE SING R.E.M." finally surfaces online!

    In the early-mid '90s i was involved with a public access tv show called Earth Quakes which was a showcase of Planet Earth Theatre, Phoenix's notorious underground theatre house. I was involved with lots of different aspects from directing, writing pieces, acting in various bits and also...
  6. dwmckim

    Muppet themed episode of Kahn Man's Comedy Corner

    Kahn Man's Comedy Corner is one of several Dr. Demento style comedy radio shows. The monthly programming started its seventh season this month after a two year hiatus...and what's a winning way to return in style? With Muppets of course! The hour show concludes with a segment of Muppet...
  7. dwmckim

    Proposal: "Jerry Nelson Day"

    Looking for the just the right way to remember Jerry Nelson this week? Well, since he was largely known for his voice (speaking, announcers. characters, and singing), perhaps the best way to do so is to take a minute to observe a moment of silence to symbolize the loss of "The Voice of the...
  8. dwmckim

    Muppet Freak Contest: Name Our "Award"

    Muppet Freak, the Muppet/Henson-focused blog about fandom will be coming out of hibernation very shortly with a new miniseries of articles called "Good Business/Bad Business" taking an indepth look at both the extraordinary and the ugliest business practices concerning the companies entrusted...
  9. dwmckim

    Seeking favor from someone with Muppet Magazine collection

    I'm working on an article for Muppet Freak about the Henson/Chick Fil A situation and need a huge favor from someone who has all/most issues of Muppet Magazine. You know how CFA ads often feature cows with signs saying Eat more chicken? I'm pretty sure a similar photo gag appeared in an issue...
  10. dwmckim

    Bill McCutcheon ("Uncle Wally") on One Life to Live in 1979

    Ever since One Life to Live left the airwaves in January, i've replaced my daily viewing with revisiting the show's history on youtube - working my way forward from the earliest clips available i can find as well as backwards from most recent back. (Even though several characters have since...
  11. dwmckim

    Henson issues statement about Chick-Fila-A

    (Don't know if i'm posting in right place; there's no "Henson Headlines" thread) The Jim Henson Co just issued the following statement about their recent promotion with Chick-Fil-A. After reading this, my love for the Henson Company just increased even more as if that was even possible...
  12. dwmckim

    Don't miss the Daytime Emmys on HLN Sat 6/23

    This year's Daytime Emmy Awards airs on HLN (CNN Headline News) Sat night 6/23. The live broadcast will be at 8 EST...and if you miss the live telecast they'll air again at 10 and at midnight...then on Sunday 8 & 10 pm EST. Cheer on out friends from SST!
  13. dwmckim

    Anyone pick up a spare Free Comic Day Labyrinth?

    Well after a FOUR HOUR bus trip (it seems after putting the city of Phoenix through a massive bus strike, the bus drivers are now being massively overpaid to NOT do their jobs), my nearest comic shop didn't have any of the Labyrinths. Anyone pick up an extra?
  14. dwmckim

    Rich Ross is out as chairman of Walt Disney Studios

    Rich Ross has stepped down as chairman of Walt Disney Studios with some sources saying it was Ross' decision and others claiming it was a firing. No current news of possible replacements. I've scanned a number of news articles and while many are including a photo of him at the Muppets Walk of...
  15. dwmckim

    Muppet Freak is back...kinda

    Muppet Freak (d.w. mckim's blog primarily about Muppet/Henson fandom) is back...kinda maybe approximately sort of... It's moved to a new address (old host closed down...without ample warning to its users) and the archives are being reposted at the new location over the next several days/weeks...
  16. dwmckim

    Early Reports: Looks like Muppets will be #2 (next to Twilight)
  17. dwmckim

    EW: 'The Muppets' opens as best-reviewed wide release of 2011 Article says it all!
  18. dwmckim

    Desperately seeking Muppet fan in Phoenix, Arizona

    For Frog's sake, if there are any Muppet fans on this forum in or near Phoenix Arizona, be they members or lurkers, PLEASE speak now or forever hold your...actually don't hold anything - speak now! I've kept myself going this entire year, waking up and going to bed thinking about how badly i...
  19. dwmckim

    "Russian" promo

    For those keeping tracks of the various promos/ads for "The Muppets", i saw a hilarious one which aired during One Life to Live today... :15 second clip...shot of Walter then one of Kermit but the dialogue coming out of their mouths are in (badly lipsynced) Russian - cut to Vogue Piggy "what...
  20. dwmckim video section

    Is it just me or has anyone else had trouble accessing the video section on the last few days? They had added a slew of their old site's vids and lately there's no videos in the section ar all.