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    A Very Very Bad Saturday

    there is no more Muppet bus:concern: there I've said it, the electric mayhem is gone. Saturday as we were preparing for a car show to benefit 'Autism Speaks/ Special Olympics' of Illinois fire took the magic. were waiting for a report from the insurance adjuster to see if it can be rebuilt. my...
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    Electric Mayhem Bus Sadly For Sale

    yes boyz n girlz nows your chance to own the electric mayhem bus:D. sadly we have lost our indoor storage and are starting to look for a new owner to love the bus. I'm not sure about the boards policy on posting prices so i'll update as i learn the rules. roger
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    The Mayhem Bus on display

    tomorrow oct. 3rd ,The Bus , :flirt: electric mayhem will be on display at Greenville illinois airport. this is a Childrens Miracle Network benefit show. everyone is welcome to stop in for pictures and a tour of the interior. roger