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  1. Warldorf

    Jim Henson videos on Netflix

    Hello there, Now is a good time to join Netflix. It is currently airing some good movies from during Jim Henson's time and his workshop. First up, they have The Muppets Take Manhattan. After that, enjoy Kermit's Swamp Years with the family. When you're alone, if you want, kick back and emerge...
  2. Warldorf

    Animal Staredown UK

    Ready... Set... STARE! We've all seen the video of Animal vs. Danimal form OK Go (here it is, if you haven't) But did you know you could have your OWN staredown?!?! I stumbled across the UK site for "The Muppets" and I found out that if you have a working webcam, YOU CAN STAREDOWN THE DRUMMER...
  3. Warldorf

    What's your Favourite Cameo?

    Movies such as "The Muppet movie", "The Muppets Take Manhattan", "The Muppets Chrismas Carol" and the new movie especially, "The Muppets" had many guest stars. But which one was the best? Hmm... Well, what's your favourite?
  4. Warldorf

    Bring Figgie back!

    We are all deeply saddened by bouncingbabyfig's (or Figgie) ban. So I say we start a petition! Write your comment about why you think Figgie should stay! Then we will ask miss kermie to tell Figgie about the thread! So what are you waiting for? LET'S BRING FIGGIE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Warldorf

    St. Patrick's Day Muppet Central Menu

    I noticed that on March 11th (or further, I made this on the day I saw it), I noticed that everyone on the right of the tab above (forum, news, radio, etc.) Everyone there was from Kermit's Swamp Years (including Goggles, Croaker, Kermit, and that bug (I forgot his name)). Anyone notice that...
  6. Warldorf

    Heckle The Muppets!

    Hey there! Have you ever wanted to be Statler and/or Waldorf? Well, now's your chance! Just type in a heckle and if we get over 50-100, I'll message the user "Fozzie Bear" and we'll actually have jokes to heckle to! For example: "The question is, what is a Mahna Mahna?" "Thequestion is, who...