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  1. FraggleFrick

    Classic Disney Channel Early 80's-Early 2000's

    If anyone has any old episodes of Welcome to Pooh Corner, I am 99.9% interested
  2. FraggleFrick

    "Welcome To Pooh Corner" & "Dumbo's Flying Circus"

    I know this is old, but I will buy all 6 episodes of Welcome to Pooh Corner.
  3. FraggleFrick

    Bear in the Big Blue House Episodes

    I've got a few on tape in really low quality. Actually I've got about 50-60 shows
  4. FraggleFrick

    Dreams about Muppets...

    I recently had a dream that Doc and Sprocket came into my room. They kept talking about how we were making Sprocket a beautiful birthday cake. They started putting the sheets on my bed. I said, "Why are making my bed?" Doc looked at me like I was crazy. "What does it look like? I'm making a...
  5. FraggleFrick

    Dreams about Muppets...

    I remember that!
  6. FraggleFrick

    What would you like for Christmas this year?

    REALLY???? How do I contact them?
  7. FraggleFrick

    Noel MacNeal Singing

  8. FraggleFrick

    What would you like for Christmas this year?

    A Big Bird feather... from Caroll Spinney. :wisdom: IT COULD HAPPEN I CAN DREAM:dreamy:
  9. FraggleFrick

    Automatonophobic mother fears daughter might buy a Muppet toy

    lol I'll take her viewing ticket! Great work they look fantastic! :)
  10. FraggleFrick

    Old Nickelodeon

    Me as well. Everyone disagrees about Sam and Cat, but I loved it. Jennette Mccurdy was one of the best actresses to work on Nickelodeon. DAN Schneider's shows have become to unrealistic. I can believe babysitting, but superheroes? Two girls creating an app with no development, using copyrighted...
  11. FraggleFrick

    The Worst CGI Kid Films In Recent Memory

    Mars needs Moms, Strange Magic... Foodfight... I got a few. Bad CGI films are like memes. You can't avoid them...
  12. FraggleFrick

    Old Nickelodeon

    Yeah I never enjoyed Invader Zim much. I've always surrounded myself with bright and cheerful things, and that show always seemed too dark.
  13. FraggleFrick

    Scary Fraggle Moments

    I just remembered... I was absolutely terrified of "Incredible Shrinking Mokey"! That Begoony character gave me nightmares as a kid! :eek:
  14. FraggleFrick

    Peppermint... STINKIN...Park. Terrible Kid's show

    Hey, Chadtronic did a reaction to Peppermint Park!
  15. FraggleFrick

    Dreams about Muppets...

    Oh gosh... I just had a dream that Ernie and Bert invited me over. Ernie kept making these stupid puns, and I was laughing my head off. Bert's mouth crumpled up, and he yelled at the top of his lungs. He went into a rage about Ernie's puns, and Ernie said, "No pun intended, Bert." Then I woke up...
  16. FraggleFrick

    Crushes on Muppeteers

    MATT VOGEL :flirt:
  17. FraggleFrick

    Funny Fozzie

    Hey guys! This will be a muppet fic centered around Fozzie. Chapter 1 Fozzie rushed into Kermit's office. The frog crinkled his mouth in disapproval. "No jokes right now, Fozzie." The bear still tried. He squeaked a rubber horn. "Waka, waka! Hey Kermit The FROG! Phone call for Kermit the..."...
  18. FraggleFrick

    Bear Song Lyrics

    Here are the lyrics to "Great To Be At Home". Tell me if this is what you're looking for. In the morning when I wake up I stretch and shake my head It feels so great To be in my own bed Walk to the kitchen Make my special cup of tea And stop and think It's so nice to be Here in my home sweet...
  19. FraggleFrick

    Bear Song Lyrics

    Ummmm... I don't remember that? Are you referring to "Great To Be At Home"?
  20. FraggleFrick

    Bear Song Lyrics

    Hey! No one may care, but I am willing to give you full lyrics to any Bear song! :)