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Search results

  1. Nick22

    The Hunger Games

    Has anyone read them? I honestly think it's an amazing trilogy and I am extremely excited for the movie to come out! People compare it to Twilight because both have the of the love triangle aspect, but The Hunger Games has a more complex plot that doesn't focus ONLY on the romance. And The...
  2. Nick22

    Jake the Puppet!

    so i was lurking about youtube and i found this: http://www.youtube.com/user/JakeThePuppet#p/a it's a muppet whatnot! named jake! who posts new videos every week! i think he's pretty funny, but he's only got 18 subscribers! so go check him out and subscribe! :D
  3. Nick22

    Happy Birthday Dave Goelz!

    i hope it's okay that i'm doing this. i hope there's no one who's assigned to doing these threads, and if there is, i'm rully sorry. today is the birthday of the man who brings us AMAZING characters like gonzo and boober. can you guess who it is? i bet you're wrong. it's............. DAVE...
  4. Nick22


    This is a story i just thought of recently. I know it's going to be super predictable and not very good, but i tried my best, so please don't criticize me. Only constructive criticism. And i know, i know, my references and the way some of the characters talk isn't always spot on. Here is the...
  5. Nick22

    Bianca Ryan

    who else is a HUGE fan of bianca ryan! cause i am! i am an extreme fan. ask any of my friends. they make fun of me for it too cause i am completely in love with her! lol. anybody else a fan?
  6. Nick22

    I need some help! :(

    i really need some advice/help. i just lost 2 of my best friends which i am 99% sure that we will never speak again and one of the friends i lost os the best friend of the girl i like and now im pretty sure the girl i like and her twin sister hate me. what should i do?
  7. Nick22


    Where's Luke been lately? He hasnt been online in forever. Anybody seen him online lately?
  8. Nick22

    Anyone a fan of The Biggest Loser?

    i love the biggest loser. im so happy michelle just won! i cant wait for the next season to start! anyone else a fan?
  9. Nick22

    What figures do you own?

    I was wondering what figures everybody owns. i only have three. they are: Series 1 Kermit :) Series 1 Miss Piggy :mad: Series 5 Gonzo and Camilla :concern:
  10. Nick22


    Who other than me is a huge Janice fan?:flirt: I was wondering who you think should be Janice's new, permanent performer. Janice has had many silent parts in most of the Muppet movies afetr Hunt's death. I think that Brian Henson is great as Janice and i think he should be Janice's permanent...
  11. Nick22

    Someone Please Help Me!

    I really need help. First of all, does anybody know anywhere online or in the buffalo area where i could buy a block/sphere of foam? and could anyone help me figure out how to carve it?
  12. Nick22

    I have some questions!

    1. Has anyone ever made a puppet with the instructions that the paul dude from puppetsnstuff.com give? and if so, were they good? 2. should the body be stuffed with just a tunnel for your arm to go up? 3. if the body needs to be stuffed, should their be covering over the stuffing and the...
  13. Nick22

    Who's your favorite Muppet?

    Who is your favorite Muppet from The Muppet Show and why. My favorites are Janice and Floyd because they are, like, so cool man.:sing::flirt: lol. I also like Gonzo because....well i don't know, but i do. And of course Kermit because frogs are my favroite animal. Miss Piggy because she is...
  14. Nick22

    Anyone have AIM screen names?

    does anybody have an AIM screen name?
  15. Nick22

    Show Me Your Muppet Whatnots

    show me photos (or the sample pics) of your muppet whatnots.
  16. Nick22

    Does anyone live in Buffalo, New York?

    I was wondering if anyone other than me on this site is from Buffalo. Specificly Alden, Marilla, Lancaster, Depew, West Seneca, East Aurora, or Elma. If you are from any of these places please post it here!:)
  17. Nick22

    What future Muppet Replicas do you want?

    Which MR Muppet Replicas Are You Hoping to See Soon in the Future? tell me to let me know. i for one am hoping to see: Dr.Teeth along with Janice,Zoot, andFloyd Pepper Miss Piggy Pepe Rizzo Fozzie Bear Robin Rowlf Statler and Waldorf Beaker Dr. Bunsen Honeydew i would actually eventually...