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Search results

  1. DotBridgekeeper

    Alleged Streaming Site "moviesot.com", legit or not?

    Occasionally, out of either boredom or the insatiable hunger for rare Classic Sesame Street episodes, I'll type certain episode numbers into Google to see if some pleasant surprise turns up. The most recent attempt was for Episode 0925 (Season 7 finale). One of the results linked me here...
  2. DotBridgekeeper

    Questions about HBO Max Rollouts (for which I can't find answers)

    ?1: when new releases are planned, ?2: which episodes will be released, ?3: what threads on MuppetCentral and/or Muppet.fandom are likely to show these updates. P.S.: I haven't seen any new updates on here, so I hope Phillip and the other moderators are okay.
  3. DotBridgekeeper

    Can the Classic Sesame Street Community Help Fulfill a Sincere Birthday Request?

    "Happy birthday (from Muppet Central Forum)" read the subject line of an email I got in my inbox this morning. I guess it must be that day again. That reminded me of one thing that would really make for happiness in my life, not just today. I'm not going to ask for any of the Season 3 shows...
  4. DotBridgekeeper

    Did SesameStreet.org remove all classic clips from their site?

    I don't know if this has been discussed yet, but I just went to SesameStreet.org and typed in such familiar search titles as "mad painter", "song of #", "Casey MacPhee", and "sugar beets". Each search resulted in the "Oops!.." error message. Is this part of the Workshop's reorganization...
  5. DotBridgekeeper

    Moving a thread to a different section

    I'm just wondering if there's a way for an individual user to move his/her thread to another section, or can only the admin do this on request?
  6. DotBridgekeeper

    Could this be a Muppet appearance?

    (I wasn't sure what category this would best fit under, so here it'll be for now.) Hey Fellow Muppet Fans: Here's a mystery that's been bugging me for years. It's a commercial for Nucoa Margarine that appeared on an album by Negativland, and it features a singer whose only interest is gold. The...
  7. DotBridgekeeper

    Jim Henson's 1971 Number Films

    Hey Classic SS fans: I'm trying to complete the cypher on Jim Henson's number films from 1971. As far as I know, these were all part of that batch: Doll House (#2), Henson Ball (1-2-3) (#3), Computer (#4), 1-2-3-4-5 Song (#5), Queen of 6 (#6), King of 8 (#8), Bumble Ardy (#9), Computer (10)...