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  1. Starlancer

    Just a quick question

    So i was wondering how did Disney come to owning the Muppets? or did Disney own them all along thru ABC? (there television company) :confused:
  2. Starlancer

    Links To Muppet Clips And Episodes

    We Should find clips and episodes on the internet and post them that be really cool,to be able to watch the videos, as far as legal rights i think it is ok as long as there r no charges and we give the credit to Disney and Muppet Studios.....:)
  3. Starlancer

    Please Comeback

    Do u guys think the Muppet Show Will Ever Come Back? That was such an awesome show and i really wish it would come back the last muppet show i could ever get my hands on was the one at walt disney world,The Muppet Vision 3-D and thats not really a show we should set up links to Muppet clips and...