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Search results

  1. doctort13

    Do you perform Birthday shows?

    I have recently started performing live. I have given a little thought to trying to promote my puppet show to parents for birthday parties. I have heard both good and bad (really BAD) stories from other puppeteers. I am curious what others charge, what sort of show do you offer, and any...
  2. doctort13

    Happy Holidays from Wump Mucket Puppets

    Wishing everyone a wonderful & warm holiday season and a fabulous 2011! Here's a silly little video to give you a chuckle: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_VV9Pwm8bg
  3. doctort13

    Puppet Video I made to promote a show

    Here's a link to a video I made to promote a live puppet show that I am performing next week: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5HqRouw_Xg Happy Christmas everyone! :)
  4. doctort13

    Here's my puppet show!

    I have finally finished my puppet show, and even performed it live! I perform all of the puppets, my wife helps me change puppets between scenes. The show is called "Lil Red Sasquatch Hood", it is a silly retelling of "Little Red Riding Hood". Here is a little slide show of my puppet show...
  5. doctort13

    Help needed for puppet web page

    I would like to make a simple web page for my puppets and would like to know if anyone in the Muppet Central universe could suggest a cheap service for a simple web page? My internet provider allows me 100 MB of space, which I am sure is plenty. I would like to register a domain and then...
  6. doctort13

    Cincinnati Puppet SLAM! - Oct. 18th

    The Cincinnati Area Puppetry Guild & Enjoy the Arts invite you to witness puppet SLAM Edgy - Silly - Odd - Experimental - Naughty Puppetry WEDNESDAY - OCTOBER 18th - $5 Cincinnati Art Museum Fath Auditorium Doors & Cash Bar open at 7:30 PM puppet SLAM at 8 PM ADULTS ONLY PLEASE Cash Bar...
  7. doctort13

    Have you read this?

    Sesame Street and the reform of children's television It's a scholarly look into the creation of Sesame Street. I have borrowed it from our public library and fing it fascinating.
  8. doctort13

    Fisher-Price Sesame Street collectors?

    While returning home from playing with my daughter at the playground I saw a sign that read "YARD SALE", what was really exciting were the words "vintage Fisher-Price toys". I had several FP toys to share with my siblings in the 60's & 70's, yet never owned any Sesame toys...until yesterday...
  9. doctort13

    Puppet in progress photos

    Here are a few snaps of a puppet character named G' Wazzle G' Wook that I have been working on Front view Profile view Back view I still need to add the eyes and arms.
  10. doctort13

    Celebrate Puppetry in Cincinnati

    National Day of Puppetry 1:00-4:00 pm Saturday April 29th, 2006 Pleasant Ridge Community Center 5915 Ridge Road, Cincinnati Ohio 45213 (513) 731-7894 Puppet workshops including Design, Construction and Performance ideas! Demonstrations and performances by local CAPG Puppeteers Free...
  11. doctort13

    Puppeteers in Cincinnati area?

    Hello, I am a "hobby" puppeteer who lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. I would like to try to meet other puppeteers who work with hand/glove puppets to eventually collaborate on a live show or a puppet podcast. Take a look at my Wump Mucket Puppets blog below to learn more about me and what I do...
  12. doctort13

    Bruce Hart Lyricist for Sesame Street Dies

    From the NY Times: Bruce Hart, 68, Lyricist for 'Sesame Street,' Dies By BEN SISARIO Published: February 23, 2006 Bruce Hart, who wrote lyrics for "Sesame Street" and "Free to Be ... You and Me," died on Tuesday at his home in Manhattan. He was 68. The cause was lung cancer...
  13. doctort13

    Puppet podcasting

    Does anyone make their own video podcast/blog? Any suggestions on how to get started using a PC (sorry Mac users) and a Sony Cyber-shot camera? Thanks in advance for any tips/links/suggestions :)
  14. doctort13

    Sesame Clerks parody

    Many of you may have seen this. I found it while reading the Sesame Street page on Wikipedia. It's a mock film trailer called "Sesame Clerks"
  15. doctort13

    Sesame Street Thanksgiving parade float

    Does anyone have good photos of the 2005 Thanksgiving parade float? I watched the parade on TV, and would like to see more. I guess I am really getting old when I complain about all the commercials, and boring banter of the parade's TV hosts. Here's a picture I found via google. It was...
  16. doctort13

    Parents watching Sesame thread

    I take care of my daughter on Mondays and Fridays, when my wife is at work. My daughter and I try to watch Sesame Street together on those mornings. Well, since she is almost 1, she watches about 30 minutes and usually falls asleep by "Elmo's World". Do any other "Sesame Parents" watch with...
  17. doctort13

    Puppet Slam in Cincinnati

    If anyone is in the neighborhood... Come to beautiful Northside this Saturday, October 22nd to join members and friends of the Cincinnati Area Puppetry Guild as they present short puppet performances at Sidewinder Coffee & Tea 4181 Hamilton Avenue. The fun starts at 7 PM, get there early...
  18. doctort13

    Non sequitur of the day

    Dwarf Hamsters 5 Dwarf Frogs 2 *to be explained tomorrow ;)
  19. doctort13

    I'm new to the "Bear" den

    I am a new father, my daughter will be 9 months old on Wednesday. We recently began borrowing Bear DVDs from our library and really enjoy watching them with her. Can any of the older Bear fans on the boards tell me why the original show was canceled? I know that Disney now airs the...
  20. doctort13

    Caroll Spinney web board

    I am sure there are lots of Big Bird/Oscar fans out there! I recently joined The Official Caroll Spinney Web Board and would love to have more people to chat with. :grouchy: