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  1. FraggleFrick

    Funny Fozzie

    Hey guys! This will be a muppet fic centered around Fozzie. Chapter 1 Fozzie rushed into Kermit's office. The frog crinkled his mouth in disapproval. "No jokes right now, Fozzie." The bear still tried. He squeaked a rubber horn. "Waka, waka! Hey Kermit The FROG! Phone call for Kermit the..."...
  2. FraggleFrick

    Bear Song Lyrics

    Hey! No one may care, but I am willing to give you full lyrics to any Bear song! :)
  3. FraggleFrick

    Favorite Bear Moments and Episodes

    Hey! We have a thread on this topic for FR, TMS, and other Muppet productions. Now Bear gets the love he deserves! Here you can state your favorite Bear details and moments, episodes, or anything from Bear that makes you feel like a muppet fan. My favorite little moment is in "Friends For Life"...
  4. FraggleFrick

    Palisades Prices?

    Hey, I'm really interested into collecting Palisades figures and sets. I have the Pigs in Space set, but sadly that is all. If I really invested into this, how much would I spend?
  5. FraggleFrick

    Who's Your Favorite Youtuber?

    Very simple question. Who's your favorite person to watch on Youtube? Mine is hands down SuperMarioLogan. He makes the funniest videos ever. My second favorite is probably Good Mythical Morning. What do you think? :news::confused:
  6. FraggleFrick

    Piggy Gone?

    Chapter One Piggy stared down at her desk. She didn't have a thought in mind, except for her loneliness. She sighed, looking at a picture of Muppet Show days. She missed the fun of performing, flirting with Kermit, and the fans. She raced to Fozzie's office, at her wit's end. The odd bear was...
  7. FraggleFrick

    Uncle Matt Survives

    Hey guys, this will be a fanfic about the Fraggle Five rescuing Uncle Matt. Chapter One Wembley hummed his bouncy tune as he stretched out of bed. "Ahhhh." he sighed. He looked around to find that Gobo was no where to be found! "Oh no! Gobo! Gobo!" he cried. He raced down to the hole into outer...
  8. FraggleFrick

    Brooklyn Mailman

    There is a sketch on Sesame Street with a mailman character with a Brooklyn accent. He delivers letters to Herbert Birdsfoot, and puts them with the sound "et". Does anyone remember what I'm referring to?
  9. FraggleFrick

    Noel MacNeal Singing

    Hey guys. I am watching Bear, and his voice is absolutely AMAZING. The singing is spot on. I would think that Noel did the singing voice too. Does anyone know if he did any singing voice for any other Muppets?
  10. FraggleFrick

    Ernie and Bert's Disney Trip

    Hey this will be a fanfic about Bert and Ernie going to Walt Disney World :) Chapter 1 Bert swung the door open. "Ernie, they were out of cream puffs. I had to get this yucky oat bran!" He growled in disgust. "Oh it's fine, ol' buddy Bert." Ernie replied casually. "Ernie?" Bert said. "This box...
  11. FraggleFrick

    The Fraggle Parting

    Hey guys this is going to be a story about The Fraggle Five, especially Gobo. Please feel free to request:D
  12. FraggleFrick

    Fraggle Dreams

    Hey! When I was younger, a lot of my dreams were connected to Fraggle Rock. Has anyone else ever had Fraggle dreams? I had recurring dreams about Junior Gorg capturing me and tickling me! :laugh:
  13. FraggleFrick

    Should Bear in the Big Blue House come back?

    Hey. Who thinks bear deserves to come back? I for one think this is a great idea. I am disgusted with the children television today. Who's with me? :cry: