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  1. rtgentry

    Me Performing Kermit Live at Morgan's Wonderland Gala

    I recently performed Kermit live at Morgan's Wonderland Gala. Morgan's Wonderland is a special needs theme park that allows people who have special needs to be able to enjoy rides and amusements. Its Located in San Antonio Texas and has people coming to it from all of the world. Its the only one...
  2. rtgentry

    Ebay Monster Muppet Puppet for sale
  3. rtgentry

    Old Man Latex Puppet

    Here is a link to a very cool old man puppet for sale by me on ebay.
  4. rtgentry

    Muppet Monster Puppet Phil Fletcher Build

    Here is a link to my current Muppet Monster Puppet Ebay Auction
  5. rtgentry

    IDEAL Muppet Kermit and Rowlf Replica BOX

    Hey there, I am currently working on a replica of the 1966 Ideal Muppet Kermit and Rowlf Box . Yes the box itself. Many of you have the actual toy but no box. I plan on the box being a display piece for your collectible puppet that you may just have sitting on a shelf. PM Me if you are...
  6. rtgentry

    Custom Kermit T-Shirt

    Hi Ho! Check out this Tshirt Print I just completed off an exisiting Kermit Image. I can put this image on any color Tshirt. If you are interested I am selling them for $15 plus shipping via paypal. I am only going to do a hand full. I can also add names or customize the shirt for a small fee...
  7. rtgentry

    Creature Clones Grover for sale
  8. rtgentry

    Selling another Puppet. Cool Elmo Check out this elmo or you can customize and make him another character you design by adding hair and feathers and such.
  9. rtgentry

    Jarrod Boutcher Puppet for Sale I'm going on vacation soon and would like some extra money!
  10. rtgentry

    Grover half body puppet replica

    I'm going to be putting up my half body Grover replica on eBay . I will post a pic here first. Pm me if interested. I'm not seeing how to attach a pic
  11. rtgentry

    New EBay Puppets for Sale

    I have listed some more puppets. Still have elmo for sale, an old man from MAT puppets, and a mini ventriloquist dummy made to go with another puppet. A puppets puppet sorda. Bid Away...
  12. rtgentry

    Ebay Puppet Axtell Custom Owl
  13. rtgentry

    Ebay Planet Puppet Critter Puppet

    He is kind of a little spazzy guy
  14. rtgentry

    Cave Man Puppet For Sale

    He actually looks like Manah Manahs Brother.
  15. rtgentry

    Elmo puppet for sale

    Hi, I haven't posted in forever. But I am clearing out some puppets from my collection. Check out the link. Hope it works if not its listed under professional muppet puppet and I will post a link later
  16. rtgentry

    Beaker Puppet

    Is anyone interested in buying a replica :eek: puppet? I have one and I need some cash , I would like to get at least $450. USA only please. I have too much trouble trying to send through customs at the post office. Just a pain. Free shipping in the usa. If interested please send private...
  17. rtgentry

    eBay Puppets

    check this one out and then go to my other auctions to check the other ones out. Enjoy sorry the url doesnt work, and it was really ticking me off so here is the auction number and maybe I can figure out how to get a link to work soon 220648695711
  18. rtgentry

    Muppet Movie Sing Along in San Antonio

    Hey guys, we are going to put together a muppet movie /grease double feature sing along as a fund raiser for a theater I am renovating. I will let you know how it goes! We are doing it in July.
  19. rtgentry

    Pro Pirate Puppet on ebay

    Hey guys my pirate puppet with better pics is now on ebay. item # 220568650379 I cant seem to get the link to work yet
  20. rtgentry

    Fozzie Bear puppet in hand for sale on eBay Okay guys its not from olivers creature shop but it is an sweet puppet for sale. Please check it out. and enjoy. :o