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    Muppet panel at Galaxycon Live on May 15

    Just saw that on May 15, GalaxyCon Live will be having a live Muppet video stream and one-on-one video chats with Steve Whitmire, Kirk Thatcher, and Paul Williams. Muppets Virtual Experience: May 15th at 2pm ET – GalaxyCon
  2. M

    April Fools: Disney buys Sony (and especially Sony-owned Muppet films)

    Well, I guess soon people will stop asking "why doesn't Disney+ carry MTM and MFS?" Or they'll have a more legitimate reason to ask the longer they wait to do so. It's been announced that Disney has bought Sony, which means they own the rights to The Muppets Take Manhattan, Muppets from...
  3. M

    April Fools: Muppet Treasure Island 25th anniversary line coming

    It's been announced that The Muppet Show on Disney Plus has been so successful that Diamond Select Toys will once again release Muppet figures at retail, including the canceled series 4 (including the figures that have been released as exclusives), but also, in honor of Muppet Treasure Island's...
  4. M

    April Fools: I saw Dinosaurs Pogs at the store

    This morning I went to Target and saw official Dinosaurs Pogs. How odd. Pogs hadn't been popular since 1996, though I have seen new Pogs at Target in the last few years. A list inside a mini-catalogue mentions who all is included. There's Pogs for all the main characters, plus one for every...
  5. M

    April Fools: Muppet Adventures REMASTERED coming to 2021 gaming consoles

    There's a new report that the 1990 video game Muppet Adventures: Chaos at the Carnival is going to be rereleased on Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, and XBOX One this Summer. Much like DuckTales Remastered and Aladdin/The Lion King Remastered, this special remastered edition will be remastered in...
  6. M

    Tee Collins X-Xylophone segment

    Looking at the Muppet Wiki page on Tee Collins, the main body of the article mentions an "X-xylophone" segment he did, with a quote saying "it was hard coming up with a happy word for the letter X" (and now the link it's sourced from no longer works). But then there's a gallery of his segments...
  7. M

    Top ten segments from each season

    I don’t recall if I’ve done this before, but I’d like to list my top ten favorite segments, at least for now, and in no particular order, from each season. And to be honest, I am not sure whether I’ll list every season (I haven’t seen a whole lot from the last few seasons). But we’ll see how far...
  8. M

    Did they design one-shot Anything Muppets?

    Don't know how likely people would know the answer, but did the puppet designers actually design Anything Muppet characters who were intended to only appear in one sketch or street story? Seems like they wouldn't need the design much, just take the puppet base and put on clothing and facial...
  9. M

    Jim Henson's performances in later years

    Recently, I decided to search the wiki for as many segments as I could think of that Jim Henson performed in, to see how often he performed on the show in later years (of course, taping dates are limited, so I'm mainly going by how many seasons he did). I decided to start with season ten...
  10. M

    Little Jerry and the Monotones voices

    Some time ago, I have seen one user mention a few times that he doubted the names of Chrissy and Rockin' Richard (and maybe Big Jeffy) were not meant to be canon since they were first mentioned in an audio-only song. But after thinking more about it, I have thought about how the voices were...
  11. M

    Pa Gorg antagonistic towards the Fraggles

    While Junior Gorg was often antagonistic to the Fraggles (usually by keeping them out of the garden or wanting them as a pet, sometimes having violent motives) and Ma Gorg was afraid of the Fraggles (in a similar way to housewives being afraid of mice), Pa Gorg rarely seemed to really dislike or...
  12. M

    Did Kevin Clash voice the talking Baby Sinclair doll?

    I've been watching the promo for the talking Baby Sinclair doll commercial quite a bit lately, and in listening, I think there's something off about his voice. Anybody know if Kevin Clash voiced it as usual or if somebody else did? Sounds close, but something does not sound right. And maybe it...
  13. M

    Early Mr. Richfield from Dinosaurs

    Lately, I've been thinking about Mr. Richfield in the first few episodes of Dinosaurs, and is it just me, or is he a bit nicer in these? In the first episode, he seems to be his nicest to Earl (without it being a trick to benefit him) for the whole series, even if he still has a grumpy...
  14. M

    Frank Oz's appearances throughout his later seasons

    With Muppet Wiki having complete guides past season 20 (and I'm not really sure whether a few particular episodes are complete as aired in the states, but at least episode 2806 has a guide now), I've decided to look at the various Muppet Wiki sketch guides and determine how often Frank Oz...
  15. M

    Could Fraggle Rock have been considered for ITC?

    The Muppet Show and first two movies were big hits, and were all originally done by ITC, who then did The Dark Crystal. Fraggle Rock was not produced or distributed by ITC, but do you suppose Jim Henson had considered pitching the show to ITC? Given the success of TMS and the movies, it...
  16. M

    Elmo and Cookie Monster

    In the last decade, many fans have said that Elmo and Cookie Monster are the most popular Sesame Street characters. But have there been many segments starring both of them? I can't really think of many, off-hand there's "A Monster Went and Ate My Red Two", but that's about it. And have there...
  17. M

    Put Down the Duckie in Bob’s Favorite Street Songs

    Recently, I’ve downloaded the album Bob’s Favorite Street Songs, and one of the songs included is Put Down the Duckie, which Bob sings with somebody else. Anybody know who Bob sang it with on the album? It doesn’t say on the digital info, and Muppet Wiki doesn’t say, either. I wouldn’t be...
  18. M

    April Fools: Insider info on Old School sets

    Just out of the blue, somebody from Sesame Workshop sent me official internal memos and documents regarding planning on the Sesame Street Old School releases, both those that have been released and those that have not (at least not yet). I've been told I'm getting these as part of a special...
  19. M

    April Fools: Dinosaurs CGI Reboot Coming to Disney+

    Today brand-new official Dinosaurs pages on both Facebook and Twitter were launched, and the first posts on those pages announced a CGI reboot coming to Disney + in the near future. As said in the post, APRIL FOOLS!
  20. M

    Length of time performers work continued past their recasts

    Something I thought might be worth talking about (though with it's list-like nature might be limiting): Character recasts whose previous performers performances continued to air on the show after the recasts. I'm not talking ones that have been released on home video (whether it's a release for...