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  1. a_Mickey_Muppet

    JHC a former shell of its former self now adays?

    I was just thinking that today. any truth to this? :confused:
  2. a_Mickey_Muppet

    Post Sesame Street Cereal

    Yeeeep...just what it says above....POST has released SESAME STREET cereal. Two diff kinds is what my gf and I seen today at walmart, a super walmart. There both called "Sesame Street: C is for Cereal, we ONLY bought the one with Cookie Monster :insatiable: on the box, he has the banana flavor...
  3. a_Mickey_Muppet

    whats "spin off" mean?

    like the topic says! What is it? NOT like a spin off from a TV, i mean a spin off as in like Viacom (Paramount) spun off DreamWorks (live action) & CBS! like does it mean they sold it and NOTHING to do with anymore? I know dumb question hehe :o
  4. a_Mickey_Muppet

    Jim's last Interview??!!

    hey MC-er's.. I remember reading some wheres online that Jim's last interview he did weeks before he passed he had Rowlf with him and said "son of a B****!"??? was this video it? :confused:
  5. a_Mickey_Muppet

    Disney Parks: New Kermit Christmas Ornament

    a buddy of mine JUST got back from walt disney world and brought me back a Kermit the Frog christmas ornament! He said he didnt see anyother Muppets, JUST kermit (he even asked and the CM said the only have kermit as of now!) here one just like mine on eBay...
  6. a_Mickey_Muppet

    New Book: The 12 Days of a Muppet Christmas

    I ran across this book today at the store... http://muppet.wikia.com/wiki/File:Twelve-days-of-muppet-christmas.jpg a Muppet book called "The 12 Days of a Muppet Christmas", its really funny and cute....i found myself tee hee heeing :) I bought 2 copys one for myself and the other to put away...
  7. a_Mickey_Muppet

    Disney Parks - wooden blocks w/ KERMIT!!

    not a BIG huge deal but Disney Parks (Disney World and Land) have toy wooden blocks that are sold JUST in the parks (for now?) but the letter "K" has Kermit on it! take a look... http://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2012/07/new-wooden-toys-add-nostalgia-to-disney-parks/
  8. a_Mickey_Muppet

    DreamWorks Animation buys Classic Media

    I'm really surprised NO ONE has posted this yet.... The L.A.Times reports that DreamWorks has bought Classic Media for $155 million. DreamWorks Animation Chief Executive Jeffrey Katzenberg said, “Classic Media brings a large and diverse collection of characters and branded assets that is...
  9. a_Mickey_Muppet

    Kermit and Animal men's flip flops at Wal-Mart

    Today (well this morning) i ran into walmart and I walked by the flip flops (cause I ALWAYS buy a pair!) and in the mens side with flip flops they had Kermit and Animal! so I bought both pairs! I think they where around $8 each?! PS was in another walmart today and checked to see if they also...
  10. a_Mickey_Muppet

    NEW mini Kermit plush at TOYS R' US

    bought this at toys R us today...$3 wasnt bad of a price! Hes about 3 inches!
  11. a_Mickey_Muppet

    Confirmed: Jason Segel Bows out of "The Muppets" Sequel

    Well...its Confirmed: No more Muppets for Jason Segel - http://www.disneydigitalfiles.com/2012/03/confirmed-no-more-muppets-for-jason.html
  12. a_Mickey_Muppet

    Noel MacNeal - Henson Furry friend Zozo!

    hey all - a few months ago i've been becoming good "friends" with Mr. Noel MacNeal (via Online) and he shared this with us tonight, a NEW furry friend named Zozo for Henson! heres the link...
  13. a_Mickey_Muppet

    Muppet boys t-shirt at Dollar General

    We normally dont go into Dollar General, but - the gf and I went in one today! But low and behold I walk by there little boy t-shirts (seen they had Mickey Mouse, and Agent P outta the corner of my eye) and next to them was a Muppets t-shirt! NOT a sesame street but the Disney Muppets! They had...
  14. a_Mickey_Muppet

    NEW Disney channel Muppet bumper!

    Dont know how this slipped under our radar, but heres a NEW Disney channel bumper thats been airing starting the Muppets! http://www.disneydigitalfiles.com/2012/01/re-mics-music-video-muppet-disney.html enJoy!
  15. a_Mickey_Muppet

    Statler & Waldorf’s Critics’ Choice Movie Awards Appearance!

    Didnt see this posted on MC - but Statler & Waldorf made an appearance on VH1's Critics choice awards last night... here a video on my web page: http://www.disneydigitalfiles.com/2012/01/statler-waldorfs-critics-choice-movie.html :boo::sleep:
  16. a_Mickey_Muppet

    New Muppet Pez now available!

    there out NOW, seem em today. The 3 NEW Muppet pez of Kermit, Piggy & Animal....eBay has em too http://www.ebay.com/itm/Brand-New-2012-PEZ-MUPPETS-Set-Three-MINT-CARD-Low-Price-WOW-/360423804881?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item53eaeecfd1#ht_500wt_715 :fishy:
  17. a_Mickey_Muppet

    Kermit on CNN with Anderson Cooper

    it was JUST a quick clip Kermit wishing Anderson and Kathy Grithin (sp?)
  18. a_Mickey_Muppet

    Video: Muppets Adventure Game on the Disney Fantasy

    Behind the Scenes of the Muppets Adventure Game on the Disney Fantasy! - check it out: http://www.disneydigitalfiles.com/2011/12/behind-scenes-of-muppets-adventure-game.html enJoy! :electric:
  19. a_Mickey_Muppet

    its OFFICIAL "The Muppets" movie is a Hit!

    Disney's The Muppets a success! More Muppets coming! - more here: http://www.disneydigitalfiles.com/2011/11/disneys-muppets-success-more-muppets.html Yahooooooo! :crazy:
  20. a_Mickey_Muppet

    Mahna Mahna on Muppets.com

    anyone else do the 'Mahna mahna" thing on facebook or on Muppets.com? we did... https://www.muppetsmahnamahna.com/?thread=pzQcfQIfQ9cF&wt_event=SOURCE_THREAD_URL :sing: btw, click on "join this one" and we can get a bunch of MC fans goin on in this one! :)