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  1. ZootxJanice2468

    Is Mildred Zoot's mother?

    Because I saw an "at the dance" in season 1 and george asked while looking at zoot, "I'll be darned, you say that's your boy? How could you have a son that age?" and mildred replied, "I didn't. When I had him he was just a baby."
  2. ZootxJanice2468

    Teenage Mayhem S1 E5

    Finally after so long I will be continuing my teenage electric mayhem fanfics. Thanks for begging me to continue on guys! :rolleyes: But right now let's continue on with Sweet tooth Mayhem. Beaker was in the warehouse's lab munching on a chocolate bar while sitting on a pile of...
  3. ZootxJanice2468

    new episodes of Teenage Mayhem

    You've waited:rolleyes: and waited:sleep: and waited:sigh: but now your waiting will have to wait because new episodes of Teenage mayhem are almost here! :) yeah you're gonna love all the new chapters, including my crossover fic with the electric mayhem and fraggle rock. I've been wondering who...
  4. ZootxJanice2468

    Teenage mayhem S1 E4

    Locked up mayhem Finally it's here, my fourth story, and just in time for the fourth of July! You might wanna look at my last comment on the third story page, to understand the plot. :flirt:We're off to see the wizard, asta la bye bye! On a messy bed, in a messy room, an arm reaches from under...
  5. ZootxJanice2468

    Teenage Mayhem S1 E3

    Got the blues mayhem Plot: Dr. Teeth is teaching everyone his third step, singing the blues. But Lips doesn't know how, and if he doesn't by the end of the day, Dr. Teeth won't pass him! So Trumbone girl decides to help her (now) boyfriend experience the blues. There might be some crazy antics...
  6. ZootxJanice2468

    Teenage Mayhem S1 E2

    Valentine's Mayhem Author's note, I know it's not valentine's day but the title fit well with the song that will be in it. Love ya to death was the second song I think the Electric mayhem would come up with, so I thought of this episode being the second. By the way there will be FloydxSkeeter...
  7. ZootxJanice2468

    Teenage Mayhem S1 E2 trailer

    This episode will be called, Valentine's Mayhem Dr. Teeth was talking to the 'Electric Mayhem, "So, since tomorrow's Valentine's day, I want you all to get eachother some music related valentine's gifts. Now inside my hat I have names of which whoever you get, your there secret valentiner."...
  8. ZootxJanice2468

    Looking for entire Palisades Electric Mayhem

    All I want from Palisades is an electric mayhem collection such as: Dr. Teeth Floyd Animal Zoot Janice Lips and electric mayhem stage I'm willing to give $81 to someone who can get me these. If theres a way you can access my visa and american express accounts online then you can use those for...
  9. ZootxJanice2468

    Teenage Mayhem S1 E1

    (Authors Note) Teenage Mayhem, starring human, teenage versions of: :D:sing::flirt::cool::halo::ouch::dreamy:;):confused::eek: This series will include, ZootxJanice and LipsxTrumpet girl. The reason Trumpet girl is in this is because in the episode with Kaye Ballard, Floyd said she was part of...
  10. ZootxJanice2468

    Selling my Miss Piggy

    I'm selling my original wave 1 Miss Piggy figure. I'd hate to but I need the money. It is loose but in GREAT condition! Just tell me if you want the muppet show stand or the palisades stand. You can privately email me at I'm open to any offers.
  11. ZootxJanice2468

    Teenage Mayhem trailer

    Appearing on a big, bright, stage are silouhettes of: A trumpet player with curly hair.:dreamy: A trumpet player with an afro.:ouch: A saxophone player with a tall hat.:cool: A guitar player with long hair.:flirt: A bass guitar player with an army cap.:sing: Behind some drums was a drummer with...