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Search results

  1. mariolover

    I am leaving MC forums for good.

    This will make a lot of you sad, but social media has been causing a lot of drama and negativity in my life, and I just unfollowed a lot of people on Instagram and unfriended a handful of people on Facebook I don’t talk to regularly, not because I hate them or don’t care about them, but I just...
  2. mariolover

    Looking back on my past posts and behavior

    I’ve learned a lot about how to be more compassionate and loving towards others. Looking back on my past posts on here and on Facebook over a month ago, my posts made me come across like a bigoted jerk, which is not what I intended or wanted. I professed love and acceptance, but I was acting...
  3. mariolover

    RIP Alex Trebek

    After a long battle with cancer, the host of Jeopardy!, Alex Trebek passed away early this morning, surrounded by family and friends. We will miss him 😢. May he Rest In Peace.
  4. mariolover

    My news story (recorded in 2004)

    I was on the news when I was 4. I may have already posted this but I can’t remember. Check it out! My autism was a lot bigger back then. This is a story of where I was at back then! Compare that to now! I am very high functioning! I beat the odds!
  5. mariolover

    Prayer Requests

    I don’t know if we have had a thread like this before, so I will start one: I have 2. That I will make it onto Wheel of Fortune (I applied and I hope they will accept my application). Please pray for my unbelieving and lukewarm friends and family members that they may receive Christ. (Not...
  6. mariolover

    Trying to think of new vlog ideas

    You guys have likely seen the first 2 vlogs I posted on my YouTube channel. If not, you can check them out right now. I have ran out of ideas for vlogs. Do you guys have any more? I should be able to post them without getting purged because my behavior on here has been better lately after...
  7. mariolover

    Happy Birthday CoolGuy1013!

    Happy Birthday @CoolGuy1013! Hope your day is awesome!🥳
  8. mariolover

    Good news everyone!

    I am Covid free!
  9. mariolover

    Happy Birthday, BlakeConor14!

    Happy Birthday @BlakeConor14! Hope you have an awesome day!
  10. mariolover

    Forums for content that doesn’t belong on here

    I notice my content keeps getting purged because it’s not muppet related. Is there any forums with an appropriate audience I could post it on? And if so, what are they? I want to make the posts I’m making, but I recognize that the admins don’t like some of the controversial stuff I post here...
  11. mariolover

    Do any of you college students like college better than high school?

    In high school, I swear to God, most people are so immature and hardly anybody has your back. In College, you can be yourself without having to worry about too many immature people (not to say there aren't any, but much fewer). Also, you get way more extracurricular options. Nobody at my...
  12. mariolover

    Anyone else have a YouTube channel? If so, how many subscribers?

    I have a YouTube channel with over 8,000 subscribers. The name of my YouTube channel is drseusslover. I don't even know how I got that many subs. I mostly upload VHS openings which is something mostly autistic people watch. Unfortunately I haven't been able to upload YouTube videos in like a...
  13. mariolover

    Ask mariolover anything

    Since many other people have done threads like this, I figured I would start one. Ask away!
  14. mariolover

    College students, anyone else had to come home because of the Coronavirus?

    I am so sad because my University got in person classes cancelled because of the Coronavirus. This means I won't get to see my University friends until at least April 14th when it's planning on opening back up! I love them all and I will miss them. 😢 We still have online classes which I will...
  15. mariolover

    What are your hobbies?

    I love disc golf, Euchre (a card game in case you didn't know), running, collecting VHS tapes, going to clubs at my university, listening to music, biking, and climbing mountains. What about you guys?
  16. mariolover

    Knowing/Meeting MC forum members

    I know I have posted about this before, but I am going to add a little more detail this time. Forgive me if I sound like a broken record. Chances are slim, but there is a chance like I said before that some of my friends I know in real life from my University or High School are already on here...
  17. mariolover

    The Bible

    Have any of you ever read the bible? I tried to read it for the first time about a month ago and it's super confusing. Any tips?
  18. mariolover

    I don't get email alerts from here anymore

    Can anyone explain why this could be? Did the system change?
  19. mariolover

    Respectful debate thread: was it Telly or Merry?

    In Episode 3020 of Sesame Street, the description on the Muppet Wiki says "Telly surprises Gordon", but on here, there is a description that says "Elmo and Merry Surprise people". How do we know which one is correct? Eyewitness testimony is not always reliable, so it could've been a...
  20. mariolover

    Are Sesame Street episodes and numerology connected?

    The Sesame Street episode that talks about racism is numbered as "3140". Well, I took a visit at the college I'm about to go to next year (which I'm not going to name for privacy reasons), and the room there was numbered "3140" and the teacher in that room talked about liberality and sensitive...