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Search results

  1. teddyObear

    Did Bear ever "sniff" you out?

    Haha! it always made me giggle to! if i caught it on tv i would always stop to see if it was at that spot.
  2. teddyObear

    Nightmare Before Christmas

    Yes yes! i love NBC! I've gotten a few things from Hot Topic but that was only when i was visiting the USA (none here in Can). I got some earings and chapstick. I was EXTREMLY tempted to get the blanket but i had to say no. I also have a NBC purse and i just looooove it. But yes, i got the...
  3. teddyObear

    Did Bear ever "sniff" you out?

    When Bear did his regular "do you smell that?" did whatever he smelled that day actually reflect what you might actually smell like? He said i smelled like syrup one day and asked me if i had eaten pancakes for breakfast that morning. I have homemade pancakes on Christmas morning and if i'm...
  4. teddyObear

    You might be an obsessed Muppet fan if...

    ...if you do air drums every time you hear the word "fever" ...whenever someone says "i've only got 2 paper clips left" (or any item) you feel compelled to add "that 2! 2 paper clips left ah ah ah ahh!" ...your pets have a Muppet name ...you have mahnamana song on your ipod on it's only little...
  5. teddyObear

    Here's an Interesting Question

    It was so long ago and I don't remember the exact date. But it was Count Duckula when i was so little I can't even remember. I do remember at the start of every ep THAMES would do it's little into (the do-dodo-dooo) with the pretty little picture in the background (i thought for the longest time...
  6. teddyObear

    Computer Help

    If i were to guess, i'd say it has something to do with the devil. 9 times out of 10 my problems are related to the devil (also goes by the name Norton). One of the main evil things it does is slow your computer down (by over 60%) EVIL! But have you tried allowing all traffic on Norton and then...
  7. teddyObear

    What that Muppet name?

    Woot! that's him! Thanks!
  8. teddyObear

    What that Muppet name?

    I'm trying to location a name (and or picture) of this one muppet. But I don't know his name *sad*. He only appeared once in the first season. He didn't look like a what-not as he was all...stringing (i believe) and multi coloured. He looked semi evi and after the credits he scared Statler and...
  9. teddyObear

    New Members: Please Post and Introduce Yourself

    Woot. I'm Nikki, or teddyObear. I looooove the muppet show! And ummm...HI! Glad to meet some other people who have Muppets on their brain daily. :) Random facts about me...ummm from Alberta (Canada), I like really random things (including vampires and teddy bears) and am a computer geek (MAC's...