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  1. Speed Tracer

    Black Cat Balloon Company's Muppet Project

    Okay, so - I did a search and didn't see anything about this here, but I think it's just awesome. Check out this gal's work (and be wary for NSFW language). It's really neat work! My personal favorite is this Crazy Harry:
  2. Speed Tracer

    Let's share behind-the-scenes photos!

    One of my favorite things is seeing great behind-the-scenes photos from Muppet productions, where we see both the performer and the Muppet. Although I think a lot of people are afraid of seeing that barrier broken, I believe there's even more magic in seeing these folks at work - and I think...
  3. Speed Tracer

    Van Morrison's Bein' Green

    Hey all, I have searched ALL over the world wide web - and I cannot for the life of me find Van Morrison's cover of "Bein' Green." I'm looking specifically for an MP3 of it or for it on YouTube. If anyone can help me out, I'd really appreciate it! Peace & Love. Jack
  4. Speed Tracer

    Hobbit trailer TOMORROW

    I know we have our fair share of Tolkien fans here, and so I wanted to bring attention to this. I could not be more excited. In related news - It's ten years to the day since I went to the midnight showing of Fellowship of the Ring. I was eleven. I went in with all the skepticism and baggage in...
  5. Speed Tracer

    Peter Linz narrates audiobooks!

    Okay - I had no idea, but I was on audible.com (where I do all of my audiobook shopping), had a couple free credits to use - and I come across a version of The Night Before Christmas narrated by none other than Peter Linz! I listened to the sample to see if it was him, and sure enough, it was! I...
  6. Speed Tracer

    The Muppets is now the top-grossing Muppet movie

    This isn't exactly a "headline" - but I do think it's important, especially with all the talk around here that the movie is not "doing well." The Muppets has now made (as of this writing) $67,473,645, according to Box Office Mojo. Here are the lifetime grosses of the previous Muppet movies: The...
  7. Speed Tracer

    Topless Robot's 5 Best & 5 Worst Muppet Movie Moments

    http://www.toplessrobot.com/2011/12/the_5_best_and_5_worst_muppet_movie_moments.php "Never Before, Never Again" on the list of worst moments is a TERRIBLE choice, and QT's cameo in Oz should really be #1. Otherwise I think it's fairly spot on, although I'd have included the telethon on the best...
  8. Speed Tracer

    What's the weirdest movie you've ever seen?

    We're Muppet fans. As such, we have extremely... odd senses of humor. Come on, it's true. That said, I'm willing to bet we've all seen our share of strange movies. So, out with it. What are some of the weirdest movies you've ever seen? A short list: House - a Japanese haunted house movie that...
  9. Speed Tracer

    Important question about Muppet Christmas Carol.

    Who performs that cat that chases Rizzo around in Christmas Past? It's been bugging me for years. Muppet Wiki has no answers! I feel like it's Jerry but I really can't tell. Also, we could double this thread as a "favorite moments from Muppet Christmas Carol" kind of deal. Right now I love...
  10. Speed Tracer

    In the spirit of Halloween - your favorite movies to watch this time of year!

    I've got a few I love. I do love the feeling of being scared during a movie - and for that I rely most often on The Thing (John Carpenter's), Suspiria, and The Shining. Sometimes I will succumb and start up The Exorcist... and man. I never watch that with people, or with the lights on. I watch...
  11. Speed Tracer

    New Regency Lands ‘Fraggle Rock’ Feature Rights Auction

    http://www.deadline.com/2011/10/new-regency-lands-fraggle-rock-feature-rights-auction/ So - YAY for someone besides Weinstein owning the film rights now, EHHH for it being the folks behind those Alvin pictures.
  12. Speed Tracer

    One of Kevin Clash's all-time best performances...

    ...is, seriously, as Splinter in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie. I mean - wow. I'm fond of that movie for nostalgic purposes, but it doesn't always hold up. But Kevin's Splinter - especially and including his voice, which I still prefer over any other to play the rat - brings such a...
  13. Speed Tracer

    In need of music for a Scotland-themed playlist!

    Hey gang, My girlfriend is currently studying abroad in Scotland, and I'm in the midst of making her a CD with one central theme: Scotland. Traditional Scottish songs, songs by Scottish artists, or even just songs ABOUT Scotland. Here's what I've got: The Proclaimers - "I'm Gonna Be (500...
  14. Speed Tracer

    What's the most FUN episode of The Muppet Show?

    Title says it all. Which episode do you think is the one that exemplifies the fun nature of the show? Where every minute is a laugh, every joke works, every character is at their best? For me - I will always love the Lynn Redgrave episode. My goodness, what a twenty-two minutes. Kermit and the...
  15. Speed Tracer

    Kermit songs

    Hi everyone, I've decided as a mass Christmas present this year for friends, I'll be making an entire Kermit CD (with guests from Rowlf, Robin, Fozzie, Piggy, whoever else), and I was wondering, what are your favorite songs Kermit sings I may on my list so far? "The Rainbow Connection"...
  16. Speed Tracer


    I didn't see a voting thread here, so I thought I'd do one. If you guys have not yet already, and you are able, get out there and VOTE, particularly the folks in my age group - there hasn't been a fantastic showing by us at the polls thus far. Do NOT wait until Election Day and then suddenly...
  17. Speed Tracer

    Your Favorite Movies!

    Does anyone remember that thread we had way over a year ago (maybe two?) where we talked about our favorite movies? Of course you do! And I think it's time we re-visit that. Here is my current top sixteen list. 16. "Fitzcarraldo" 15. "The Apartment" 14. "Shakespeare in Love" 13...
  18. Speed Tracer

    Movies this year...

    So I figure we can use a thread to discuss the movies we've seen this year. I will tell you that I spend a lot of my time at local film festivals and traveling the state for stuff I think I may wanna see, and that's actually how I saw most of the movies in my top category. It's been a good year...
  19. Speed Tracer

    James Cameron's next film "Avatar".

    I could name, off the top of my head, about twenty-five films I can't wait to see, but none of them so much as the first movie in twelve years by James Cameron, the man who brought us "The Terminator" and "Terminator 2: Judgment Day", "Aliens", "The Abyss", "True Lies", and, o'course, "Titanic"...
  20. Speed Tracer

    What are your favorite TV shows of all-time?

    Harder question than it sounds. I was asked this today and had a hard time answering. This is what I came up with. Remember, of all-time. 1. "Fraggle Rock" 2. "The Wire" 3. "Arrested Development" Honestly, those three are all I need.