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Search results

  1. cherrypotion27

    My favorite Muppet Show Sketch with Gaffer in it

    Rolf singing a version of the song "The Cat Came Back", with Gaffer as the cat from the song. Does anyone think Gaffer looks like she's smiling when she walks past Rolf? It's like she's thinking "I'm back!", LOL. And the scene with her and the cannon was funny. That's one unique way to try and...
  2. cherrypotion27

    A couple of Muppet Show related questions

    I have a couple of Muppet Show related questions. First of all, in Lynda Carter's performance of the song "The Rubberband Man", we see her with these puppets called The Rubberband Men, who appear to be living rubber bands. How were those puppets performed? Also, what exactly is Beuregard, the...
  3. cherrypotion27

    What Muppet Plushes that Haven't Been Made would You like to see?

    Hi everyone! Just curious, but what Muppet plushes that have not been made yet would you like to see get made? As a cat lover and Gaffer fan, I would love to see a plush of Gaffer from The Muppet Show get made, one that looks a lot like the actual puppet. I love Gaffer: she is absolutely adorable!
  4. cherrypotion27

    Looking for a Living Puppets 2006 Super Grover plush doll

    Hi there. Does anyone out there know where I can find a Living Puppets 2006 Super Grover plush doll (preferably from a seller that accepts either bank or postal money orders as payment for the doll- I can't do credit card payments, as my card is maxed out)? I love Super Grover, and would love to...
  5. cherrypotion27

    Puzzle sketch on Oldskool Sesame Street?

    One memory of oldskool Sesame Street is of a puzzle segment. The sketch featured a scrambled puzzle image that unscrambled itself to weird music (if memory serves me correctly, one of these puzzles was an image of Ernie, and the sketch ended with Ernie's snickering laugh). Does anyone remember...
  6. cherrypotion27

    Jim Henson Memorial clips on Youtube

    I was just on Youtube checking out clips from Jim Henson's memorial, and I am amazed. What a truely touching, heartfelt tribute to such an amazing, wonderful man! The parts that moved me the most were Big Bird singing "Being Green" (you can totally hear the emotion in Big Bird's voice) and the...
  7. cherrypotion27

    Looking for Count clip

    Hi there, everyone! I'm hoping someone can help me out here. Does anyone out there have (or know where I could find) the Sesame Street clip that has The Count and one of the Countesses in the park, and when The Count asks The Countess to be his fiance, he begins counting the number of "no"...
  8. cherrypotion27

    Grieving Kitty Mommy

    Hi there. How is everyone here doing? I'm not in the best of moods right now. This past Monday (December 10th), my beloved kitty Patches passed away after a courageous battle with kidney and liver failure, and possibly cancer as well. She was 13 years old. I'm feeling pretty heartbroken, and am...
  9. cherrypotion27

    I'm on Myspace!

    Hi guys! Anyone here on Myspace? I am! I'm listed there as Cherrypotion, and my avatar pic is a photo of me when I was 12, all dolled up by my aunt Sharon, with a tiara and burgandy off-the-shoulder top. Pop by my page and pay me a visit! Patricia/cherrypotion27:)
  10. cherrypotion27

    Off-topic but Related: Francis Kane

    Hi everyone. I was just on a The Great Space Coaster fansite, and learned that the guy who performed my favorite GSC character, Baxter the clown, has also done work on Sesame Street. Is this true? Which SS characters did he perform? Also, does anyone know what Francis is doing these days? And...
  11. cherrypotion27

    Need Feedback on this- Starting a World Vision Charitable Group

    Hi everyone: Since April of this year, I have been sponsoring a child through World Vision Canada (a charitable organization that helps children and families in impoverished countries). Her name is Awa Balde, and she is a 7 year old living in Thies, Senegal. I am planning to get together my...
  12. cherrypotion27

    Anyone Know Annie Sue Pig's Birthday?

    Hi there. Does anyone know the birthdate of Annie Sue Pig from The Muppet Show? I need to know for the dorm game. If you don't know the exact date, the year she appeared on the Muppet Show and what season of the show will do just fine, thank you. Patricia/cherrypotion27
  13. cherrypotion27

    Fozzie Bear Plush I just Purchased!

    Hi again everyone! I was just on eBay and found the most adorable Fozzie Bear plush I've ever seen! And not a bad likeness either, I might add! Check it out: "http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i251/cherrypotion27/Fozzie.jpg" Can't wait to get this cutie. Now, if only I could get Fozzie...
  14. cherrypotion27

    Hi everyone!

    To all my friends here at Muppet Central: Hi everyone, I'm back! I was away on vacation between July 20 and August 19 (went to visit family in Powell River, then went down to California for a few weeks), but now I'm back. How is everyone here? I'm fine, except I have a sinus infection. No...
  15. cherrypotion27

    One of my best friends is dead!

    Hi everyone. I could really use some support right now. Either during the night or the wee hours of this morning, Diane, one of my housemates and also one of my best friends, passed away in her sleep. With our other housemate Adrian away visiting family, I was the only other person in the house...
  16. cherrypotion27

    Good and Bad News

    Hi everyone! I know it has been a while since I was last here at Muppet Central. Unfortunately, with my friend Adrian's computer having been fried by a recent storm, my Internet access has been somewhat limited. But I thought I'd check in and fill you in on the good and bad news in my life...
  17. cherrypotion27

    Mistakes in Muppet Quizzes

    Hi there. I've noticed a couple of mistakes in the quizzes section. First of all, in the Fraggle quiz, supposedly Boober has a crush on a Fraggle named Feeney. According to my sources, not only did Boober not have a crush on anyone, Feeney is a boy Fraggle! Someone running a Fraggle Rock site...
  18. cherrypotion27

    Labyrinth Question?

    Hi guys. I have a Labyrinth-related question for you. I keep hearing rumors that the movie was based on a book. Is this true? If so, who wrote Labyrinth the book? And is it the same book Sarah is seen holding and quoting from in the opening scenes? Just curious. Patricia/cherrypotion27
  19. cherrypotion27

    Good News About Missing Replica Notepad!

    Hi everyone! In another thread, I discussed the replica of Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock notepad and how it was missing from my "Fraggle Rock: The First Season" DVD set. I contacted Hit Entertainment about the missing notepad, and they referred me to the distributor, Fox Home Entertainment. I called...
  20. cherrypotion27

    Update On My Fraggle Fan fic!

    Hi everyone! I just saw the last two Fraggle Rock episodes, "The Honk of Honks" and "Change of Address" via Youtube, and now I have the info I need to really begin writing my fan fiction story. As it turns out in "The Honk of Honks", Ned Shimmelfinney's illness is somewhat revealed. He has to...